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Dethrone the Queen of the Night.

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08 May 2014 08 May 2014
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I found the easiest way to win was to have Lightning on attack Oculi ( hopefully you have this set up from the Nox fight as there is no way to change it until after this fight )

I took out the little ones first then concentrated on the boss, they never got a hit once the small ones were beaten.

I used Finn ( Lightning Bolt ), Aurora ( Slash or Star Light ) and Oengus ( Slash ). All between level 37-40.

Took about 10-15 minutes but once the little ones are gone its a formality. Boss raised another small one but took it out with two hits ( about 850 health )
MalazanI don't know where you get 850 health on the bats from. I've done about 1500 health to one of them and it just won't die. Then they set me back and I can't recover before they destroy me.
Posted by Malazan on 24 May 14 at 06:13
PARTY KRASHERrecommended tips,
1. Make sure to have Aurora equipped with a Citrine (Light Damage) Attack Oculi before the end of the "Temple of the Sun" as it throw you right into the final boss fight.

2. Slow down the enemies with Gen's (Paralyze) and/or Robert's (Hinder). Don't forget Igniculus :)

3. Speed up Aurora with Tristis' (Haste).

4. Buff Aurora with her (Elevate Damage) and take out the small enemies first with her (Slash) and (Star Light).

5. Maintain the buffs, debuffs, while healing with Rubella if needed and the fight should be pretty quick.
Posted by PARTY KRASHER on 24 May 14 at 19:33
StarshadeFPSRubella (heal) and Finn (attack) worked for me.
Posted by StarshadeFPS on 14 Jun 14 at 03:09
BLAZE VIII used AURORA and GEN both LV50+:

- put Quicker Elixier on both.

- casted Paralyze All with Gen.

- casted Light Ray All with Aurora.

- rinse and repeat

- Fight was done within 3 minutes!!!
Posted by BLAZE VII on 20 Jul 14 at 23:37
man overb0ardachievement glitched for me. angry
Posted by man overb0ard on 24 Aug 14 at 15:30
r3volv3r789I finished the game with all achievements done but ended with 830/1000. I uninstalled the game and deleted my save file and when I reinstalled the game the achievements popped! clap
Posted by r3volv3r789 on 03 Sep 14 at 14:05
zeno2kLight attack is a great suggestion... done in 5 minutes with aurora and Oengus
Posted by zeno2k on 16 Jan 15 at 22:36
Level 50 characters are definitely a must. Saw that the author listed his characters as being 37-40... Whelp, no way to beat Umbra (even w/ the above tips) unless you're at least in your high 40s. I was getting raped every time. Only thing keeping me from downvoting was all of the helpful comments.
Posted on 20 Jan 15 at 22:16
tecianHey Clay, thats how i did it. Not sure what your trying to imply ??

Hope you get it soon.
Posted by tecian on 20 Jan 15 at 22:26
Got it, thanks tecian. I think Aurora was 47 or 48 when I finally took down Umbra. Good tips, +1.
Posted on 21 Jan 15 at 09:46
tecianNo worries, took me a couple of attempts, great game, might go do it on 360 !
Posted by tecian on 21 Jan 15 at 09:49
The GlobalizerUsing BLAZE VII's tips, I beat this boss fight easily at level 40. Just cycle spells and potions as needed, do nothing else. Takes a while but I never took damage once I got the rotation going.
Posted by The Globalizer on 06 Apr 15 at 05:19
Sparkz1977I managed it with Aurora at Lv 40. Paired her with Robert at the start and used his speed just to throw potions around, and Aurora did nothing but attack with starlight. Switched him out later with Oengus, whose basic attack hit the bats for nice damage. The boss brought back one of the bats, so I dealt with that quickly (resurrected enemies only have half health), and continued to wail on the boss. Pretty easy fight, even with these levels.
Posted by Sparkz1977 on 14 Apr 15 at 12:57
ForeI'm gonna use this solution (which is solid) to say I really really enjoyed this game.

I only got it because it was GwG, but I really enjoyed the time I put in for the 1000 Gs
Posted by Fore on 30 Apr 15 at 13:10
Forealso I had Rubella (spelling?) at 42 and Aurora at 41 when I beat the game
Posted by Fore on 30 Apr 15 at 13:12
TangerineGamerI had Robert and Finn for the Nox battle, lightening on Roberts weapon and water defence on both. Had a thing for Finn that added 20% damage to his magic attacks

For the final battle swapped both of them out and had Aurora and the big dude with light damage, can't remember the defence. Used unstoppable (all) potions for the first part.
As it's been said, take the owls out first then I used lull potions to slow Umbra and keep the firefly on her too, just don't interrupt her and take your hits (use potions if needed).
After that it's just the formality of hitting her till she goes down
Posted by TangerineGamer on 05 May 15 at 10:55
Yeah, I enjoyed this game too @The Conch, I have always loved grindy games like this since I was a kid playing Dragon Warrior / FF2
Posted on 21 May 15 at 06:38
Flatline1775Just a quick note, if you flee the final battle you can just go back to the Altar to fight again, so you can equip Lightning stuff for Nox, then flee and re-equip for Umbra. Smoked Umbra with Oengus and Aurora at 44 and 42 respectively.
Posted by Flatline1775 on 29 May 16 at 21:12
Posted by NICKYG2X3 on 24 Sep 16 at 20:02
tecianIts a story mission old pal, you cant fail to get to it.
Posted by tecian on 24 Sep 16 at 23:36