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Hero on the Battlefield

Clear ARCADE MODE with over 450,000 points.

Hero on the Battlefield0
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22 Mar 2010
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the best ways i have found to do this is to get consecutive perfects, or 1 perfect and 1 critical finish, preferably 2 perfects, for every round for the first 3 matches. Then try to get at least 1 perfect or critcal for every match onwards (the apprentice is a pain, but doable). For every perfect you get, you get 15000 points (so 30000 per match for 2 perfects), and 10000 for every critical finish. So 1 perfect and 1 critical is 25000 points.

You can throw fights if you dont, but if you havent lost a single round, the consecutive win bonus is better the further you go without losing. 1000 point for 2 consecutive matches, and additional 2000 for 2, 4000 for 3, 8000 for 4, 16000 for 5, 32000 for 6, and 64000 if you dont lose a single round. That comes to a total of 127000 points just from winning every round, meaning you dont get KO'd once.

2 easy ways i have found to gain this achievement are as follows:

Use yun seong and spam his forward Y, Y combo. This not only can get you easy perfects in the first few matches, but also drains your opponents soul gauge, due to the cpu blocking alot, meaning easy critical finishers (soul crush followed by the left bumper).

The 2nd way is to use astaroths cheap combo. This is done by holding diagonal down-back and holding X. Astaroth with charge up a low swing. When this connects, release all the buttons and press Y. He will perform an overhead swing causing a fair amount of damage, and knocking the opponent to the ground. Repeat until you win.

Using the methods above ive gotten over 450k several times with ease, so they should work for you.
AgonysTried using Yun seong but I was failing all the time with only "forward Y, Y combo" so I did A + X each time they blocked the Forward+Y+Y twice... And I still failed with ~20k to go most of the times so then I started pushing them back with Forward + Y + Y ~2-3 times then A + X (which grabs the enemy and kicks em in the chest to push em backwards) and if they're close to the edge of the arena I would just do it again and ring em out, that's how I managed to beat Siegfried, The Apprentice & Algol w/o fail :P
Posted by Agonys on 10 Jan 11 at 22:22
GeoffistophelesI found the Yun-seong worked better than Astaroth until around the Apprentice, when they evened out due to impacts becoming more prevalent. The important thing after all the perfects is to keep that consecutive win bonus going; I lost to Algol and tried again with a ton of perfects and critical finishes, just to finish at 449,800.
Posted by Geoffistopheles on 06 Apr 11 at 02:13
ZeroFlame16I do the Astaroths method and it wont do it half the time. I can only get to 300,000 when I get to the Apprientice who rapes me and I lose a round.
Posted by ZeroFlame16 on 03 May 11 at 02:25
Wanderer128I lost my save from a while back and just wanted this one to show up in Battle History(or whatever it's called, sorry), I already had this achievement and I think I had used the Taki method originally, but I wanted to say that the Astaroth method totally works.
With Astaroth, I ended up losing a round against Ivy somewhere in the middle which killed my consecutive win bonus, and I only got Perfects about half of the time. But using just that single combo (used his Fwd Fwd (Kick) a few times though), I made it all the way through with no issues. Ended up with a score around 470,000 I think. I was kind've worried when I beat Algol and was only at around 420,000 (If I remember correctly), but hell, I got it, first try too.
Posted by Wanderer128 on 19 Sep 11 at 16:24