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That's More Like It

Successfully complete a 1000+ hit combo

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13 May 2014 15 May 2014
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At the level with the graveyard, where wizards are generating zombies put on the ugly pendant and spam dust storm with fidgets fire projectile. You'll get it in no time, just be careful to stop for a moment when dust starts turning red.
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TRON0314 Coming in late to this. But this is the solution for late game players who have upgraded everything. Was killing everything too early. Didn't have this, and subsequently it was tied to the 20 side quests complete achievement. Was racking my brains.

The ugly pendant + graveyard tip won the day. I just backed up to a short cliff and pressed Y as the zombies came. No fidget at all. Great solution!
Posted by TRON0314 on 26 Feb 18 at 20:23