Dash of Destruction Review by porschephiliac

18 Dec 2008 15 Mar 2009
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Wow. That's all I can muster. After a measly 30 minutes or so, I was done. Thanks Dorito's, for aiding me in my Gamer Score Quest. I would have felt guilty paying for this game. Gamer score should not be that easy to earn. I though Avatar taught us that lesson. Anyways...

Dash of Destruction, a free XBLA game sponsored by Dorito's chips, released yesterday to millions of X-box gamers out there. And of those millions, millions were sadly disappointed. The game is weak. In one of (omg!) 2 modes, you are a Dorito's delivery truck driver. I don't know about you, but I thought it was Domino's that delivered... but since Dorito's is jumping on the band-wagon, I'll take some. However silly that alone is, you are also being chased by a T-Rex. Who eats you. If you get eaten, there are several chances to finish the level. Instead of the normal 3 lives that has been the standard since Mario, you get more then 6 on average. As you progress through the truck campaign, you will encounter 6 different locales that have you delivering the goods. Also, you get vehicle upgrades and eventually more t-rex's start chasing you. Just when you start to think it's about to get hard, it's over.

Then you get to play as the T-Rex, and eat the trucks. I found this the more entertaining part of the game. Again, as you progress through the same 6 locales, and getting more upgrades, and having to compete against another AI t-rex, you think, oh this is starting to get challenging. And then it's over.

And then there is multiplayer. It's almost as if they added it just because they didn't want to be the only game that sucked that didn't have multiplayer. The single MP achievement can be done by yourself with 2 controllers.

All in all, the cheezy graphics, the annoying music and sound effects, the horrible controls, and the 10-30 minute (including download) investment for 200 gamer score urges me to tell you to avoid it. However, since it is such an easy increase for your gamer score, might as well get it over with.
jochtaTook you 30 minutes? That's about as twice as long as required to get all 200 from this pile of poop.

Too easy, too short, some annoying gameplay niggles but amazingly it's still not the worst XBLA game released.

Posted by jochta on 18 Dec 08 at 19:08
Dog of ThunderOddly, I might crack this out for friends that come over just because chasing down the trucks as the T-rex was enjoyable.

At least this one was better then Yaris.
Posted by Dog of Thunder on 18 Dec 08 at 19:17
porschephiliacIt took me much less then 30, but wanted to ball-park those who will play it! lol

Pile of Dorito colored poop ;)
Posted by porschephiliac on 18 Dec 08 at 20:29
OtisFamilyAww, why so harsh? It was a "fun" concept for a free game, and while the longevity factor doesn't exist at all, it's got no bugs, is simple to understand, and best of all: it didn't fail to meet expectations since no one knew it would be out until a couple days ago. laugh

Which would be why I gave it a 2/5. I can understand everyone giving it 1s though.
Posted by OtisFamily on 18 Dec 08 at 21:05
Vermin360The difference between Dash of Destruction and Avatar is that you have to experience the WHOLE game of DoD before you unlock all the Achievements. I did play a couple extra round of multiplayer against my daughter, though. She's nine and got enough of a kick out of it.
Posted by Vermin360 on 18 Dec 08 at 22:28
Maka91I enjoyed the 25 minutes I played this game...

Posted by Maka91 on 19 Dec 08 at 02:36
SYNNESTER R I Pyou spent 30 mins on this????? How did you manage to keep it turned on for that long? one in around 10-15 mins. ok it was a giggle for about 30 secs but just got really annoying. For a freebie it worked well but have already deleted it and won't be getting it back.
Posted by SYNNESTER R I P on 19 Dec 08 at 04:51
Codehead UKIt's free, it's not totally horrible. Teh achievements pop quickly so you don't have to spend hours on it. What's the problem?
Posted by Codehead UK on 19 Dec 08 at 08:46
Blackflame0729Lol. Horrible game but always love the easy gamerscore!!
Posted by Blackflame0729 on 19 Dec 08 at 13:23
AerodynamoMy favorite thing about this game is that it keeps telling you you will get more gamerscore. Lol. It doesn't try to lie to itself about being a challenging game. Very funny. But very fun too!
Posted by Aerodynamo on 30 Dec 08 at 14:14
StoodBridgeI enjoyed the time i played it, very funny :)
Posted by StoodBridge on 07 Jan 09 at 14:40
Dark Cell NZIt was a good 30 minutes so atleast it's not as bad as other free games
Posted by Dark Cell NZ on 04 Mar 09 at 08:03
mwallace3130 minutes??? Took me 10 and then deleted it off my hard drive
Posted by mwallace31 on 15 Mar 09 at 16:33
akuteThis is a free game that is fun to play because the achievements keep popping to the very end.

Not much replay value, but I was pleased enough with this game that I bought a bag of Blazin' Buffalo Ranch Doritos as thanks for the additional 200 GS.

This game was practically designed for boosting gamerscore and it will shamelessly let you know between levels.
Posted by akute on 26 Jun 09 at 09:29
PiemarzBetter than GOW2 at release, no bugs. Only really good point.
Posted by Piemarz on 30 Jun 09 at 19:20
splicegraphDLed this for the easy 200GS, but damned if there's anybody doing multiplayer anymore. Maybe you could help me with it?
Posted by splicegraph on 13 Aug 09 at 20:56
porschephiliacYou can do the multiplayer with 2 controllers.
Posted by porschephiliac on 15 Aug 09 at 02:17
splicegraphyah, I finally realized that. I even put in a boost request on the MP achievement. How stupid was that?!?
Posted by splicegraph on 19 Aug 09 at 23:36
RapjackalWell I downloaded this today, and completed all the achievements I can until my 2nd controller is delivered. I thought this game was fun. If I had a pocketful of coins in an amusement arcade, I would throw a couple in this machine just for a few minutes of cyber-T-Rex stomping. So with that in mind, I'm not sure what people are getting upset about with this game. It's short-lived fun, just like amusement arcades used to be, except free. I'm going to pass it to my kids as I'm sure they'll like it too.
Posted by Rapjackal on 11 Sep 09 at 09:05
ERIKDOTCOMI actually thought this was a slightly fun game. The achievements weren't really a chore, but there's absolutely NO replay value...
Posted by ERIKDOTCOM on 17 Sep 09 at 12:16
ERIKDOTCOMAlso, this game was inspired by the Dorito's commercial where there's a T-rex that picks up a Dorito's truck and dumps all the chips into it's mouth. If you think about that, the plot makes a bit more sense.
Posted by ERIKDOTCOM on 24 Oct 09 at 20:29
UndergrounCzechthis game is the bomb (that blew up hiroshima).
Posted by UndergrounCzech on 05 Mar 10 at 00:25
lord verhand you can still get it
Posted by lord verh on 07 Feb 11 at 13:00
FFX BrotherhoodThis game was actually perfect for me and my girlfriend who isn't into gaming as much as me (:
Posted by FFX Brotherhood on 04 Mar 11 at 03:52
joe jirachi fanThis game was quite fun, especially considering it's free. Sure, it has no reply value, but when you were playing, didn't you feel the urge to order Dominoes? I know I did XD (funny, considering it's meant to advertise Doritoes, but I really did wanna have a pizza XP)
Posted by joe jirachi fan on 31 Mar 11 at 22:42
Posted by porschephiliac on 31 Mar 11 at 23:00