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Place the word ALPHAJAX on a board.

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18 May 2014
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You can do this with a second account or with someone else. You'd be surprised how easy it is to get a friend or just a random player to help out with this achievement with just a simple please and thank you.

Just remember that the word doesn't need to be played all at once. On my board it developed: AL; ALP; ALPHA; and finally ALPHAJAX. You can use the blank tiles and will most likely need them for the j or the x. Because the word can be played in segments your opponent does not need to get rid of the letters but can help you develope the word instead as long as you are the one that completes it.

NOTE: this does not work on 'local user', only on online matches.
It may be worth noting that the game will accept: Al, Alp, Alpha, Ha, Haj and Ax as smaller words to use to build towards this smile I'm gonna see if I can get this legit.
Posted on 30 Jul 15 at 00:19
BJShamIs there anyone who still needs this achievement and is prepared to help me also to get it before the servers go down? Would try to do it legit but because of work commitments time is not on my side
Posted by BJSham on 16 Apr 18 at 01:59
Vic ViperGive me a shout if you want to boost this.
Posted by Vic Viper on 11 May 18 at 17:27
^ Please use this to find people for this game: AlphaJax (Windows) Sessions - smile
Posted on 11 May 18 at 23:37