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Mmmm, Beacon

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Mmmm, Beacon0
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30 May 2014 02 Jun 2014
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This is part of the morituri pack. From the main menu go to the gladiator tab > custom match > solo > Beacon

This map starts with you having to kill some Barvarian guards. there will be about 4 of them. Then you will have to free the hostages, there will be 3 of them around the map. Kill the remaining barbarians and move on. The next step is to cross the border and light the beacon. Hold of against the Barbarians for around a minute or two before moving on to the next objective. hold down the left flank, by standing on the platform and killing Barbarians. keep killing barbarians untill it tells you to kill the leaders. Kill the leaders and the mission will finish.

*Thanks to A Lazy Susan it is possible to get this in arena in the Barbarians at the gate playlist. this will allow you to play the map co-op.

*Barbarian numbers may vary.

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OdadjianActualPlease let people know if there is an arena that includes both.
Posted by OdadjianActual on 31 May 14 at 01:38
TheHighProphets@OdadjianActual An arena that includes both of what?
Posted by TheHighProphets on 31 May 14 at 08:12
DWilhelmssonI got matched into arena mode on this map, finished it and got the achievement without having bought the DLC....surely this can't be normal?
Posted by DWilhelmsson on 31 May 14 at 18:07
TheHighProphetsAs far as I'm aware it's solo only but DWilhelmsson said he got it in arena mode so I have no idea.
Posted by TheHighProphets on 01 Jun 14 at 19:44
A Lazy SusanI got this in arena multiplayer in the barbarians at the gate playlist.
Posted by A Lazy Susan on 01 Jun 14 at 23:19
Mariotti86any way to get this now? 10 April 2020
Posted by Mariotti86 on 10 Apr at 07:51
AviationZachI played through this twice and nothing unlocked
Posted by AviationZach on 30 Apr at 04:03