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Collect 500 Agility Orbs

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01 Jun 2014 07 Sep 2014
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In addition to the above guides, which work great for finding all the orbs, I found this video to help those of you like me who are having the worst trouble getting on top of Melissa Fang-Yin's glass dome in the Shai Gen area. I was struggling with this for hours, and after I watched this person's strategy, I was able to scale the globe within minutes.

This solution is ONLY for those who are having trouble getting the one agility orb atop Fang-Yin's dome. The above excellent guides will get you the rest!

I take no credit for this video. All credit goes to the original author of this video.
tajbenderOkay, so that was the second to last one i'm missing... I assume you can't tell me where to find it?!? However, thumbs up :)
Posted by tajbender on 13 Jun 14 at 10:48
Raw Sauce RossWhat happened to the other guide? There use to be one with videos and I was using that. What a shame it's gone now because I was halfway through the collectibles using that.
Posted by Raw Sauce Ross on 13 Apr 15 at 16:26
Malak367I'm sorry! I didn't post the original solution, so I'm not sure what happened to it. Best of luck! It seems that a lot of the video creators are removing their content.
Posted by Malak367 on 16 Apr 15 at 00:55
DarKenshin13god bless you my friend, I was trying for an hour and half and then I saw your solution and got it in a minute
Posted by DarKenshin13 on 07 May 15 at 17:57
TREKWARS QDude, years ago I played this game and had no idea there where maps to the orbs. I had found all but 1, this one. I thought I would never figure out which one I was missing until I saw your post and did not recognize that orb location. Sure enough, I climbed the ball and there was my last orb!!!! If I could give you a million thumbs up I would. THANK YOU!!
Posted by TREKWARS Q on 25 Apr 17 at 04:45
the life of pomThanks for this. Was so excited when I found it. Alas, I still need one more...😭 Only taken 14 years to get this far...
Posted by the life of pom on 07 Feb at 20:29
taximikeAmazing thanks! This was my last one too!!!
Posted by taximike on 03 Apr at 00:30
TheBongoFuryIn case this still might help people: Play with headphones.
Both collectable orbs have a distinctive pulsing sound. Whichever ear will make this pulsing sound is the direction you should look in. Was my last collectable too.
Amazing game still. Looks insanely upgraded on Xbox One X. Did about 10 years or so to get this cheevo.
I gave up quickly but in the years I got better at getting achievements and winning them.
Posted by TheBongoFury on 13 Apr at 23:39