Mensa Academy Review by DeviSlator

02 Jun 2014 02 Jun 2014
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I'll keep this review fairly short as 18 months after release less than 1,000 gamers have picked it up and less than 10% of those have completed it. The game currently stands at over 1,000 TA score off of a GS of 400. This may put some people off, making them think this is a hard completion but it really isn't. This is to give you an overview of what to expect. If you feel there's something more you'd like to know then please leave a comment.

I thought I'd add this section in as some people may not have heard of Mensa. Mensa is a society for people with high IQs (I think you need to be above the 98th percentile). This game takes the concept of an IQ test and breaks it down in to 'fun' mini games.

There are 3 modes in single player - Play, Coach and Test.

Play comprises of 5 sections - Arithmetic, Language, Visual, Memory & Logic - with 20 levels each. A level comprises of 10 timed questions with the difficulty increasing every 5 levels. Each level will have a mix of questions from 2 challenges within the set that make up that section. You are awarded a score out of 3 stars depending on your performance. I won't list out all of the challenges but they include the likes of arranging words in alphabetical order, filling in missing numbers/icons in sequences, remembering a face and selecting matching features etc.

Coach allows you to practice the individual challenge types within each section at 3 difficulty levels - Bronze, Silver & Gold. Some of the sections have 7 challenge types (Language & Arithmetic) and others only have 3 (memory). You must get all 10 questions correct to pass.

Test - Gives you 15 minutes to answer a short IQ test of 30 questions. Maybe the best part of the game but a real shame they don't put a full length test in.

There is also a party mode which I haven't tried but I imagine it will allow you to compete against family & friends.

If you enjoy this kind of brain exercise then this should keep you mildly entertained depending on your ability. If you have a high IQ then you will find this quite tedious, not terribly difficult and a bit frustrating in later levels where time given to answer is very short. For those that struggle with mental exercises you can pause and take your time to answer. My main criticism is the repetitive nature of the game. If there was a mode that provided a completely random question every time it would keep you on your toes more rather than it being so categorized. There is very little replay-ability for this game once completed I feel.

The graphics are clean, crisp and do the job well. Some of the visual mini games could've been a little better but that would only reduce the challenge. The menu system is a little long-winded but does the job.

Decent, unoffensive although can get repetitive.

A good mix of difficulty (from what the game offers) and across the various modes (4 achievements in each). Some will come very easily and others will take patience and practice but none should give you too much difficulty with a bit of effort.

I picked this up on sale and I found it to offer a mild challenge, several hours of gameplay and some good TA. Worth the money but I can't ever see me replaying it unless I wanted to load up the party mode and whoop my friends/GF/family into embarrassment. I'd say if you're curious, like mental challenges and can get it on discount then go for it. If you have bright children then this might also be worth getting for them to help stimulate/stretch them.

I award 3.5/5 stars as it's a well made game but there could've been a lot more substance over style included. Tedious to complete and little/no replay value