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Score 500 Points in Ranked Infection Games (Multiplayer).

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20 Dec 2008
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The Infection game modes requires a minimum of 4 players to start and play a match. Most people that are playing this under-rated game are usually boosting, using the method described @

"The best way to boost this is have the infected player grab a shotgun and stand at the enemy spawn on Court. They only spawn to the left or right of this section so you can kill them almost instantly when they spawn. Taking turns with four players you will net about 100 points every 45 minutes. Setup a 60-min match and have one person get 95-98, then the next, then the next and the last person can finish to 100. Rotate who gets 100 to be fair."

Once 500 points has accumulated, the cheevo will pop at the end of the match.
mfeforeverAs it is very fast to set up a new in-game lobby, it makes more sense to have one person get the entire 100 points and then cycle through. This method also limits any impacts disconnections or freezing might have and has the added benefit of making it easy to keep track of your total points earned.
Posted by mfeforever on 17 Mar 11 at 20:11