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Kill 20 enemies using a counter move

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26 Mar 2010
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I found this easiest to do while you're on the round platform fighting Cleopatra. As long as you do not attack her, she will keep sending 3 unbaptized babies at you. As far as I could tell, this is infinite.

Simply wait for her to release 3 babies, retreat to the far side of the platform, counter using LT, then attack with Y. You will know the counter worked when the game slows down while blocking the baby's attack. Using the Y attack will usually kill all 3 at once, allowing you to get to 20 quicker.
rastal66I noticed the achievement right as I got to this exact sub area and saw this post and it worked like a charm!
Posted by rastal66 on 08 Apr 10 at 15:43
xoarinni know there's the X and Y counter-attacks, but if you bought them, can't you use the B counter-attack, or the one where you throw the projectiles back?
Posted by xoarinn on 11 Apr 10 at 21:40
AL1No clue on the B counter-attack. Can't say i ever used it.
Posted by AL1 on 11 Apr 10 at 22:24
Drakendeni can confirm the B counterattack does work, as its the only one i used in the beginning and then got the achievement after 3 or 4 kills using Y.
Posted by Drakenden on 14 Aug 10 at 13:22
VoodooTrumpetWorked a charm
Posted by VoodooTrumpet on 03 Feb 13 at 18:14