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Here we are again, looking at another game with an interesting concept that turned out to be much less than the public expected. Fracture is a third person shooter that takes place in a future America, where the country has been literally divided by terrain deformation.

In typical shooter style, you play as a soldier tasked with stopping the destruction of your country. As a solider, you're equipped with a fairly standard loadout which includes a machine gun from both sides of the conflict, sniper rifles, grenade launchers, and rockets. That's what makes the game the same as almost every other, but what makes it different? Simply, the terrain deformation powers. LB and RB buttons are used to either raise or lower the terrain, which is helpful in creating quick cover, throwing off an attacking enemy, or manipulating the environment to progress. Apart from that the controls are pretty standard, the only real oddball being the Y button to run. Sound boring? That's because it most certainly is.

In Fracture you fight the standard set of enemies. Guys with guns, small guys that are hard to kill, and big guys that are hard to kill. Rinse and repeat for multiple levels. In the terms of a third person shooter, Fracture brings nothing new to the table, it simply takes the working formula and adds in a near useless ability that makes the game slightly different. The most standout part of the game is the excellent musical score, you'll probably enjoy listening to the score on the main menu more than you would enjoy playing the game. Normally, I would stop here with a 2/5 and a harsh "not recommended", but we're not here to enjoy games, we're here to get achievements! So, what's the verdict on the achievements in Fracture?

Just as boring as a casual playthrough. 100 collectibles scattered throughout the unnecessarily long campaign, because everyone loves those. Killing enemies with every available weapon a certain number of times, because that's so new and revolutionary. The main issue with the Fracture achievement list is the Hardcore difficulty mode, which can be downright infuriating at times. Imagine Army of Two gameplay with World at War grenade spam. The majority of the game is just hiding as your shields regenerate, which it sometimes doesn't do due to a glitch, and popping out to shoot at the too-long hordes of constantly respawning enemies. The last boss is also incredibly frustrating, but you do get a satisfactory feeling when Hardcore is complete...Until you realize you have multiplayer to do.

The Fracture multiplayer achievement list is incredibly standard, winning 50 games in each game type and 100 games as each team. The real kicker here is the 1500 games played, which is easy but far from fun. 25 hours of running to a point, over and over and over again, 1500 times to be precise. As if the campaign wasn't boring enough, all the multiplayer modes will put you right to sleep. Another game with a nice sounding concept and a great amount of potential (especially after finding out LucasArts and Day 1 had a hand in its creation) that ultimately amounted to nothing special.