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(DLC) Finish the DLC in Insane mode

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21 Jun 2014 27 Jun 2014
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Welcome to whistleblower, the DLC for outlast that tells the story of Wayland Park otherwise known to miles upshur as "whistleblower". If you played the main story first with miles and completed it on insane then you should have no issues with this achievement at all but if your jumping into insane on this DLC first there are a few things you should know.
The first being that insane is much like nightmare difficulty so a few practice runs would be advised for those not up to the challenge. The second being that enemy's are much more aggressive and will react to you much faster and be able to one hit you. The third being that you will only have 2 batteries for your camera and even then, they will be very difficult to find. And the fourth being the worst and that is that if you die by falling or being killed by the inmates.... You have to start it all over from the moment you break out of the chair which by then though if you watch the below video, should have memorized the route in one go.
All Achievements for the DLC can be earned in a single run and can be finished in 32 minutes (from what my camera showed, not including cutscenes).

Below is a video of a speed run which helped me learn the route and get past my sick and twisted husband-to-be due to his annoying one hit kills and my legs issue. But good luck fellow achievement hunters and if you down voted please leave a comment as to why :)
qDirtyBryanpI downvoted because you messed up a name in your solution
Posted by qDirtyBryanp on 27 Jun 14 at 19:51
TheTailsEffectHuge thanks man! Awesome guide, managed to bag this on my first insanity run, definitely easier than the base game :-)
Posted by TheTailsEffect on 28 Jun 14 at 17:23
Raw Sauce RossThe person in the video says to hide behind a chair with your first encounter with chris and wait for him to walk forward but, in fact, chris CAN turn and see you then immediately kill you like he did with me. So instead of crouching and hiding behind a chair your best bet might just to be to run around the desk and lead chris out of the room with him right behind you.
Posted by Raw Sauce Ross on 29 Jun 14 at 00:56
qDirtyBryanpStill wrong... Waylon Park but funny that you actually changed it so upvote
Posted by qDirtyBryanp on 29 Jun 14 at 15:51
Coffin MonsterChris Walker, I swear to god, if I ever see you again it'll be too soon.

I can't wait to finish this so I can never touch this game again. It was great, but I'm so done with these chase scenes of which there is far too many.
Posted by Coffin Monster on 30 Jun 14 at 16:26
Fist O CthulhuThe same thing happened to me as The Kuid Zone. At 23:40 he says to hide behind a chair and Chris will walk into the room enough for you to slip by him. Instead he walked in a little bit, stopped, looked around, and then turned and saw me.
Posted by Fist O Cthulhu on 06 Jul 14 at 01:44
Fist O Cthulhu^Think I may have figured out why he stopped. I think I ran to the chair instead of walking, so when he reached the room it changed his pattern.
Posted by Fist O Cthulhu on 06 Jul 14 at 01:59
oo88 GERAL 88ooCompleted DLC twice in insane mode but still locked. Someone had the same problem?
Posted by oo88 GERAL 88oo on 17 Aug 14 at 00:47
X InFlames80 X@ The Kudi Zone

EXCACTLY what happened to me... what works though is hiding behind the 3rd Chair not behind the 2nd that worked for me in my 2nd Run.
Posted by X InFlames80 X on 20 Aug 14 at 07:20
HanxOnly bit I really had problem with was that groom guy. Pain in arse.
Posted by Hanx on 26 Oct 14 at 22:04
Draco719I HATE these high risk speed runs. Give us one where the guy takes his damn time and plays it safe.
Posted by Draco719 on 01 Jan 15 at 00:28
FeedMeHumansJust got this cheevo to complete everything. Alot easier than the main game! Thanks for the link to the guide.
Posted by FeedMeHumans on 03 Jul 15 at 04:30
LOST ThanuDid not unlock the first time I completed it but got it on the 2nd try! The only thing I did differently on the first run was that I paused the game once...
Posted by LOST Thanu on 30 Jan 17 at 09:59
MrKoolxDoodthe hardest/riskiest part by far (in my experience) is after you obtain the key at the end and have to out-limp Eddie in the gymnasium with all the hanging bodies. I was killed twice taking a direct route so instead I went to the right of the obstruction instead of left and when I did it worked
Posted by MrKoolxDood on 13 May at 02:34
so to make all the achievements of a roll you cannot give the pause?
Posted on 28 May at 02:19