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Escape water

Quite a sprinter!

Escape water0
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25 Jun 2014 26 Jun 2014
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As soon as you, uh, escape the water, you'll get this.

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

If you're stuck, here's a visual walkthrough that someone made a while back.
Dr JaMiNBeware, this achievement seems to have glitched for me. I've repeated the same segment over 20 times now.
Posted by Dr JaMiN on 20 Jul 14 at 17:24
Dr JaMiNThis is ridiculous, now I'm about to try deleting and reinstalling the game again. This is such an isolated glitch that there is no way in hell that the dev will patch this.
Posted by Dr JaMiN on 20 Jul 14 at 17:52
Dr JaMiNThat didn't work either.
Posted by Dr JaMiN on 20 Jul 14 at 19:11
SashamorningCrap. That sucks!! :-(
Posted by Sashamorning on 20 Jul 14 at 21:25
arney05This achievement glitched on me too. I cannot get it to unlock for the life of me.

Not too happy about it...
Posted by arney05 on 21 Jul 14 at 20:58
HellsDelightAt first I thought this is meant to be the first level on which you speed out of the water but actually it is later in the level "City" (the 3rd City Level Picture that Shows up when you start playing and choose the Save - and of course already this far)
Posted by HellsDelight on 19 Sep 14 at 09:13
TTDog666Glitched for me as well... annoying as hell.
Posted by TTDog666 on 27 Jan 18 at 16:08