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Go for the Bronze

Win 12 bronze Daily Challenge badges.

Go for the Bronze+0.1
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25 Jun 2014
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Just like Minesweeper and Taptiles before it, this Microsoft game has daily challenge achievements. For Bronze, you will need only 2,000 coins in a month for 12 months (this value has changed in Taptiles previously, but they have been holding at 2,000 for a while now).

There are 4 difficulties for the games:
-Easy: 100 coins
-Medium: 150 coins
-Hard: 200 coins
-Expert: 300 coins

-150 Bonus coins for completing all 3 daily challenges

In terms of games, there are only 3 variants for the daily challenges:
-Jigsaw Jammer
-Bug Catcher
-Lock Breaker

The only game that should be real stressful is Jigsaw Jammer. This is because Bug Catcher and Lock Breaker are not timed challenges. Therefore, here are some simple tips for completing them.

-Take your time. Without a time limit, really focus on ensuring the piece fits where you need it. Use colors and shapes of the ins and outs to make sure the choices work.
-For Lock Breaker, working towards the edges can greatly help as it reduces the pool of pieces to consider
-For Bug Catcher, aim to continually shrink the bug's move possibility. Depending on the difficulty, the bug can move in any of the three following patterns:
1) Up, Down, Left, Right
2) Diagonals
3) All 8 directions
Therefore, the goal should be to push the bug towards a corner of the puzzle and keep working to encapsulate it in that area. Depending on the starting layout, this could mean a different already preset alcove, but the general idea holds.

For Jigsaw Jammer, there are 2 objectives: Score and Time. Therefore, you need to be quick enough to finish the puzzle, but accurate enough to build chains and thus reach the necessary score. This can be challenging especially if you're unfamiliar with a puzzle and its picture. Practice and multiple attempts can help, but as always focus on the edges and how they line up.

Remember to complete this before the 1st of the next month. You are unable to go back to previous months and complete challenges to earn those badges.
Bruh BrigadeSo wait.... for bronze, gold and silver achievements I have to wait a year? Ha. I thought so, but I wanted to come here and see what you guys thought/said about it. Damn that sucks. Oh well.
Posted by Bruh Brigade on 20 Sep 14 at 09:19
RadicalSniper99It's similar to the other Microsoft titles of similar styles. It's pretty annoying since you don't keep up it will take even longer but it will get done eventually.
Posted by RadicalSniper99 on 20 Sep 14 at 13:08
Borg561If you change your system date backwards you can complete badges for previous months. You can also change you system date forwards to any day in the current month to earn badges, however you cannot change the date to the next month to complete those badges.
Posted by Borg561 on 29 Apr 15 at 01:35
RadicalSniper99Borg561: I have had people mention this in the Gold/Silver entry, but not added it to my solution as this may or may not be construed as cheating depending on who you talk to and whether this is intended. When the Go for Gold first came out, somebody had it long before it would have been possible through date changes and thus was removed. I'm guessing backwards shouldn't be a problem, but I'm none the less not including it at this time.
Posted by RadicalSniper99 on 29 Apr 15 at 01:37