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Find 50% of the war diaries

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01 Jul 2014
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A COMPLETE guide of all 110 collectibles & 15 Weapon Upgrades in Sniper Elite 3 can be found HERE.

The collectibles, including War Diaries, Collectible Cards, Sniper Nests, Long Shots & Weapon Upgrades are found within the 8 story related missions of the game. Upon picking up the last collectible of each variety, you will be rewarded the achievement(s).

You can check your progress using the menu at any point (except weapon upgrades) during the game as well, and picking one up will save it immediately. Feel free to replay missions to pick up anything you've missed.

Alternatively, please see this video which is the beginning to the collectibles guide video playlist:
M I K 3 IDI done all collectables , got the one for all War diary's but the achievement for collecting 50% of the War diary's didn't pop , was wondering if it was just me having the issue ? :\
Posted by M I K 3 ID on 15 Aug 14 at 01:03
Memento MoriThis is the same shit for me Mike!
Posted by Memento Mori on 16 Dec 14 at 23:27