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Sub Skill Expert

Beat 1000 enemies using Sub Skill.

01 Jul 2014 until 31 Aug 2014

Sub Skill Expert
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01 Jul 2014
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If you have the rare skill "Zero Bullet" it will make this challenge go by quickly. It's a secondary skill that is rapid fire and uses no willpower, therefore can be used as a substitute for your primary weapon.

I equipped this skill and then went after other challenges and completed it fairly quickly, after about 8 missions. If you're not stacking with any other challenges and want to knock this one out quickly, I would probably recommend the mission "A Plague of Vespin" for sheer volume of enemies.
planting42Great guide - just had to laugh at the fluff text...

Beated 1000 enemies using Sub Skill.
Posted by planting42 on 15 Jul 14 at 13:22