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Sick Combo!

During an event; perform a combo of at least 125,000 points.

Sick Combo!0
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All credit goes to Zudatron for the write-up of this guide. I transferred this over from a more difficult achievement (Killer Combo!) that he wrote the guide for and then added the video for visual reference

I tried the other solution a number of times and couldn't get to the jumps in time to keep the multipliers.

I ended up getting this achievement without even trying on Phu Temples (stage 10) with a 390240 combo! I only did one or two special tricks. There are just so many jumps in a row you can get your multiplier up to 10x. I was doing mostly mindless tricks. Just make sure you do a trick on every jump you can.

Video used for Reference only. Credit goes to ETERNEL744