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Double tap

Incapacitate 2 vehicles in Kasserine Pass within 5 seconds

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03 Jul 2014 05 Jul 2014
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This take place on Mission 6: Kasserine Pass.

This achievement/trophy can be a little difficult to attain, as some vehicle spawns are random. The best method is to play the level and complete the objectives until the Tiger Tank spawns. At that point, lay two explosives in the road, and head back towards the temple using the side path. As the Tiger Tank explodes, two vehicles should come driving out towards the temple, one is a transport truck and the other a small tank. At this point, take out the driver of the tank, then the gunner. The transport truck will stop and unload people on its own. Now, just get to a spot that you will be easily able to shoot both weakspots of both vehicles. Time your shots, and explode them quickly to get the achievement.

It is recommended that you "Save Game",just in case something goes wrong. Feel free to use explosives, or other methods as well.
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I InFamousDj I A+ video like always
Posted by I InFamousDj I on 05 Jul 14 at 16:32
Beinhardsen Maka delivers again!
Posted by Beinhardsen on 31 Aug 14 at 19:49
Captain Chao5 How can anyone downvote this? It's a straightforward, well explained solution! clap
Posted by Captain Chao5 on 05 Mar 15 at 15:43
KilldbyNecropsy It's even easier if you set up dynamite/flint on one and then set up to shoot the second vehicle.
Posted by KilldbyNecropsy on 23 Mar 15 at 01:50
Timmay This is a good solution, but if you use the mines as he instructed on the tiger, you can actually go around the other side of that building and shoot the truck right after the Tiger explodes. Much quicker and you won't have to kill the driver on that Am-track.
Posted by Timmay on 18 May 15 at 05:06