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Threat Level Red

Complete all episodes on Red (hard) difficulty

Threat Level Red0
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24 Dec 2008 30 Mar 2011
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You can complete all difficulty levels once you have completed the game by just completing the last chapter on each Act.

This means you must do 6 chapters on Hard, one of them being the final boss battle.

All but Act 2, maybe Act 3 and Act 6 are easy to complete on Hard if you have completed Normal.

Some people say you must complete the very first chapter on Hard, but I didn't need to, but if you want to be sure you can.

An important thing to note is they must be done in Order, if you do any chapter out of order the achievement WILL NOT unlock. Some claim that the order does not affect unlocking, but I have heard more than a few people state the order is important so I would not risk playing missions out of order.

The same applies to Casual and Normal if you need them. But you must have completed the game once to do this trick so you most likely need Casual and Hard.
edlighOn orange and red level I played only last episodes (on order). For 1 hour - 2 achievements
Posted by edligh on 15 Dec 09 at 23:22
zbenes674act 5 was a real pain on red.
Posted by zbenes674 on 24 Jan 10 at 11:08
The final level is a bitch too, I died so many times that I knew how many enemies would appear in each part but for some reason at the 3rd laser bit, two spawn after youve gone up the stairs which they dont do on the other one. So your at a bit of a disadvantage as you have to go up there to destroy the node thing that connects the lasers but your being flanked by two reborn with shotguns as well as that sommers wanker with a now anti-tank launcher (hardly fair on red level). Hopefully I get it in a few more turns, I honestly didnt think this would be an achievement I'd be losing my voice over....
Posted on 29 Jul 10 at 03:10
JMJimmyAwesome solution!
Posted by JMJimmy on 28 Oct 10 at 01:36
KILTEDxSCOTSMANYour solution is inaccurate I played the missions in reverse order and still gor Red achievement..
Posted by KILTEDxSCOTSMAN on 11 Feb 11 at 14:09
Tan110688Wow no need. the guide is brilliant thanks.
Posted by Tan110688 on 20 Apr 12 at 17:18
XCool1979i've done it from level 6 to level 1 and get the achievement.
Posted by XCool1979 on 04 Feb 13 at 09:36
DefiantZeroI did them out of order and it unlocked.
Posted by DefiantZero on 29 Jul 17 at 23:15