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...Some will not

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06 Jul 2014
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The secret "...Some will not" achievement will be rewarded for finishing the game and watching the credits all the way through.
If you - like me - skipped the credits and wasn't rewarded with this achievement, just replay that last, short, mission and let the credits run through. It should pop right after the credits!
(Don't worry - although this is a Ubisoft production, these credits won't take a 10th as long as the 45 minutes Assassin's Creed 3 ones...)
sufi628What if you tried replaying the ending, watching the credits in its entirety, reinstalled the game, and it STILL won't work? Pretty frustrating :(
Posted by sufi628 on 14 Aug 14 at 22:44
Coll AutomataMusic is great so i wouldn't mind if the credits were longersmile
Posted by Coll Automata on 07 Nov 14 at 14:56
HammersG1984True. Love the music too.
Posted by HammersG1984 on 15 Oct 15 at 11:27
Bishop BrenanI skipped the credits, it popped at the main menu
Posted by Bishop Brenan on 08 Apr 17 at 23:40