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The Beast

You need to kill 6,666 people in Campaign

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06 Jul 2014 08 Jul 2014
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The BEST METHOD for getting 6666 kills – 950 KILLS PER HOUR!!!!!

1. You have completed the game. (Seriously, if you are thinking of getting this before you complete the game at least twice (as required) you are in need of help.
2. Gernade Launcher FULLY upgraded.

You are ready
1. Start up chapter 3 – Solid ground
2. Advance to the end of the chapter – to where you are ambushed.
3. As soon as you pass the gate to the loading bay, BEFORE the ambush starts, tell your partner to BLUE hold position
4. Pull out your grenade launcher and run BEHIND the blue crates on the loading dock.
5. Now aim to the right corner and wait. The tall building will blow up and soon after 2 vans will arrive. Don’t worry about them. A guy will pop his head out. Shoot.
6. Then swing to the left wall where the baddies are climbing over – shoot
7. Back to the right shoot.
8. To the left – shoot.
9. To the right shoot.
10. Left, right again.
11. When the GREEN notice pops, press start and reload check point.
12. Repeat.

If you are fast enough you can get 19-20 kills and it takes 1.25 minutes INCLUDING LOADING TIME. That means average 98 kills in 6 minutes. Don’t worry about the AI, he protects you from being hit by grenades, and shouldn’t steal any of your kills if you are fast enough.

HOLD LT the whole time to stay zoomed in and just pan over left right left right.