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They'll all be remembered

Find every single historical item

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09 Jul 2014
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Just a note. To get the collectibles by the tank in the battle of Somme, all of your platoon must be alive (there's an achievement for this) and you must talk to them (press A) and a heart will appear in a speech bubble over their head (guy at front and guy at the back) and then they'll drop the collectibles for you to pick up
BAD VIIThe Historical Items in chapter 3-5 THE SOMME are totally glitched for me. Tried them to pick up in any order but it won't give me the iron cross for collecting them all. Really annoying! angry
Posted by BAD VII on 19 Jul 14 at 07:26
juicyluce9Are you sure you saved them all? There's either five or six soldiers. I thought it glitches for me but I went through it again saving them all and once I interacted with the one at the front and at the back they dropped the items
Posted by juicyluce9 on 19 Jul 14 at 10:18
BAD VIIYes the first squads are 5 and the second are 4. Also I can clearly see the collectibles on the ground and pick them up but as mentioned above after getting all the game won't give me the iron cross. Got it fixed now though after power cycle the Xbox One. wink When it comes to collectibles it's like a virus for the new console haha. laugh +1
Posted by BAD VII on 19 Jul 14 at 15:26
BAD VIIOh and btw I unlocked this very achievement after collecting 109 historical items. Although I was still missing the last ten from the last two chapters it popped right away. So weird!
Posted by BAD VII on 19 Jul 14 at 15:28
juicyluce9Very weird. Your game definitely must have glitches. Glad it's sorted though clap so what do you think of the game overall? Minus the glitches of course
Posted by juicyluce9 on 19 Jul 14 at 15:50
Imezru75Does anyone know can you go back and replay levels to get these items or sold should I start the game over now and get them in order?
Posted by Imezru75 on 11 Feb 15 at 18:46
juicyluce9Don't start over! You can replay each level
Posted by juicyluce9 on 11 Feb 15 at 18:59
TheOtherBarberThanks for this tip, thought the game had messed up on me. Got 4/5 through alive so I had to play it again! facepalm
Posted by TheOtherBarber on 09 May 18 at 02:33
AcaelusTI can confirm collectibles cheevo is still glitchy in 06/2020. Been 3 days and progress bar on Xbox still at 99%

I had all 4 chapters with a gold medal, and no cheevo. I was rebooting and restarting and clearing xbox cache... waited 3 days.... nothing worked.
The item written above by SuperArtTeacher ended up solving it for me:
SuperArtTeacher said:
Same issue happened to me. I quit game, went back in and all the chapters had the medals, but when I looked at each section in a chapter I noticed one was graded out again. Went back in and got it again and achievement popped. It now shows 23/22 for chapter 4 for me. Hope this helps
After doing this, my collectible shows 23/22 and.... wait for it... the GOLD MEDAL on that chapter is now gone (but achievement popped immediately).
Posted by AcaelusT on 23 Jun 20 at 11:40