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All of the options offered by Puertoricarious are viable and will work for you but I have found that later on the process when you're looking at 60k cp for the least expensive skills, Adamantortoise / Adamantoise farming is the way to go. There is a very easy method that will allow you to kill them without having to use shrouds or a summon (which can become costly after a while).

1. It goes without saying that by the time you're able to take on Adamantortoises, you should have acquired the Growth Egg to allow you get double CP for every encounter. Set up your paradigm deck like so: Cerberus (3 Com), Tri-Disaster (3 Rav), Infiltration (3 Sab), Rapid Growth (3 Syn), and Salvation (3 Med) for Fang, Hope, and Lightning. It's not necessary to have each person all the way leveled up in each of those classes you're just going for speed in each phase of the fight.

2. Have Genji Gloves (if you've got them) on Lightning and Fang and set your Rapid Growth paradigm as the default. I also had an Energy Sash on Fang and Collector's and Connosieur's Catelogs on Hope. The rest of my accessories are strength and magic stat boosts. Finally, make Fang party leader.

3. Make the pull and begin by buffing everyone with Haste, Protection, Bravery, and Faith. Shell will help if he manages to get off a Quake but is not essential. Once everyone is buffed top off your hp with Salvation and switch to Infiltration to debuff one of the legs. Deshell, Deprotect, and Imperil are all you really need. Odds are the leg is already staggered from being debuffed but if it is not, quickly go into Tri-disaster to get it there and finally go to town with Cerberus. Once the leg is at about 70% hp, you should be able to use Fang's Highwind attack to kill it the rest of the way in one action. Heal up if you need to and repeat on the other leg. Once you're buffed, taking out the two legs should only take you about 40 sec or less.

4. As he starts to fall, switch to infiltration once again and inflict him with Deshell, Slow, Deprotect, and Imperil. Now quickly switch to Tri-Disaster and bring the stagger meter to a minimum of 750% or so (more is better but time is a factor so use your judgement). Then switch to Cerberus and his health will just melt away. This is where the Genji Gloves become essential on at least Fang. In my game when I switch to Cerberus, her first attacks are dealing more than 120k damage. It should die quickly without being able to get back up.

This tactic seems as though it might take more time than a summon but once you get a rhythm down you should be able to kill one in about 2-2.5 min and get 80k cp as well as a fair number of Platinum Ingots and a few Trapezohedrons. The strategy also works well for the Adamantoises you just may need to heal one or two more times before you bring him down.

Because you're not relying on summons, you will have TP available to use one if something goes wrong. Should that happen, the Energy Sash refills a large portion of the meter with every Adamantortoise kill and as long as you don't rely on it too heavily, you shouldn't have to farm TP points at all. If you find you have to use summons more often than I did, you can try also equipping a Champion's Badge. Once all 4 Oretortoises (or 5 if Mark 63 is active) are dead, save your game and reload the save to respawn them. You'll get the CP you need in no time and you have the added benefit of cash from the ingots and catalysts to craft your ultimate weapons.

I find this method works better for me than spamming Death with Vanille as it is 100% consistant once you get the required rhythm down. As a side note, there is one Adamantortoise that has 3 lowlevel dog/wolf/skag things running around in front of it. The strategy for that fight is exactly the same, just open with Cerberus and spam Blitz and they should die in 2-3 seconds. After that, continue as normal.

*EDIT*- A Genji Glove is more or less essential if you want Fang's Highwind attack to be effective (without it it will cap the attack's damage at 99,999). With the accessory it will easily do over 300-400k damage on a staggered leg.

As per Seraphim Needed's suggestion, I'll outline where to get Genji Gloves and the Growth Egg.

The Growth Egg is acquired for completing Mark Mission 55 (Cant We All Just Get Along?) by killing a Neochu. Without going into too much detail, this is easiest done by spamming Death with Vanille. Puertoricarious has a good method for accomplishing this in the guide above.
Genji Gloves can be acquired in 3 different places: Mark Mission 51 (Attacus, The Soulless), Mark Mission 62 (Indomitable Will), and Mark Mission 63 (Crushed By Doubt)
The9thChevronThis strategy is good except for a few things.
1. Your party cannot buff quick enough without having to switch to Salvation to heal several times.
2. After staggering a leg and switching to Cerberus your allies will attack what you aren't. I always see Lighting go for the Adamantoise and Hope go for the other leg.
3. I believe the damage from his foot stomp attack is proportional to how close you are to the foot doing the attack. On several occasions Fang has been unlucky enough to be under or near the foot as it comes down and die instantly taking about 30k damage.
Posted by The9thChevron on 07 Apr 10 at 14:49
hermitmaniacHow advanced is your party in the Crysterium? I ask because I have never had a problem getting my party buffed in time. Probably about 50% of the time I have to heal before I start to debuff the legs but Hope's Curas are powerful enough that I'm literally in Salvation for less than 5 seconds before we're all topped off.

Also, I do realize that your allies often do not attack the same target as you but it's unnecessary. If your Fang is strong enough to be able to farm this fight, as soon as a leg is staggered, one Highwind attack will completely kill it as long as the debuffs I mention above are on it. In this case its actually somewhat helpful that they are attacking other targets because it means that often the second leg is already debuffed when you get to it and all you have to do is drive up the stagger meter with Tri-disaster.

Finally, you are correct that the damage you take from stomp attacks varies by how close you are to the enemy. However, I have to ask again how far your party is advanced in the Crysterium because my Fang is frequently hit when she's standing between his front legs and while it will bring her into the red, it is NEVER anywhere even close to approaching 30k damage. Plus, if you're following the strategy correctly, he should be able to only get one attack off when you're in this range at most.
Posted by hermitmaniac on 07 Apr 10 at 17:49
Soulrift XIf you've got Fang/Light/Hope maxed out in their primary 3 skills at least, and have 3x Gaian Rings (Star lvl = 60%), then the Adamantortoise's stomp only hits for about 2-2.3k... with 3 syn you should be able to have at least haste and possibly protection on all 3 before his first attack hits.
Posted by Soulrift X on 15 Apr 10 at 00:29
hermitmaniac^ yes, exactly that
Posted by hermitmaniac on 18 Apr 10 at 20:55
Ashen SeraphMight be helpful if you add the locations of the Growth Egg and Genji Gloves.
Posted by Ashen Seraph on 24 Apr 10 at 00:32
hermitmaniacGood idea, Seraphim. I'll do that now.
Posted by hermitmaniac on 25 Apr 10 at 18:29
MantraPoloI started farming these guys after 5-staring all missions up-to 54. I figured I should come close to maxing every role before changing the Torts to Guis. Anyway, I started with the Death method and I would kill them anywhere from 40seconds to 15minutes. Once I had each memeber's alt. role to lvl 2, I thought I could switch to your method...

But I kept getting my butt kicked! I just simply couldn't kill them before they stood up after/durring a stagger.

The key here really is to LEVEL YOUR EQUIPMENT. Get Fang, Lightning and Snow to at least Weapon Stage 2- * with Earth Defense Rings, Physical Defense and Strength leveled as much as possible. As soon as I did this I was able to follow this guide and kill both types of Torts under 4min.

I did a few things different, instead of starting as Syn,Syn,Syn I chose Sab,SynSyn. Why? Because Fang didn't have Boon yet and her buffs would over-write Hope's. When the mob was staggered the buffs would wear off!
Posted by MantraPolo on 06 May 10 at 15:42
hermitmaniacGood point, MantraPolo. At the time I wrote this I hadn't been aware of that buff overwrite and neglected to add it to this guide.
Posted by hermitmaniac on 06 May 10 at 21:29
KrillgarWhat weapon were you using on Fang? I have the Venus Gospel maxed at level 2 and wasn't doing anywhere near 120k damage per hit. I have a maxed Power Glove on as well so my strength is at 2720. Even at 999% stagger, I don't think that my damage is that high, unless all the numbers are running together. I have a 65" TV, so its not like I can't see it.
Posted by Krillgar on 04 Sep 10 at 18:43
Holy Murderer5this is shit i have nearley maxed stats and very high weapons but i still get raped very easily
Posted by Holy Murderer5 on 05 Oct 11 at 20:33
A Flash Bangadothis i very good guide, it's helped a heap so far. can i just recommend though, have SAB/SAB/MED (hope as a med) as opposed to SAB/SAB/SAB, and add SYN/SYN/MED as a sixth paradigm. i found that having a healer while i was buffing/debuffing helped, and i still finished the fights within 3 minutes or so, as i never needed to use the MED/MED/MED paradigm. thanks for the guide, though
Posted by A Flash Bangado on 05 Feb 13 at 12:14