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Hat Trick

Control a creature with three Auras attached to it

Hat Trick0
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19 Jul 2014
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Hey Guys!
We will be making a completely defensive blue and white deck using only defenders and low power creatures. Ensure that you include plenty of auras in the deck Go to Shandalar and duel the Cruel Reflection enemy. Just build up your defense and attach an aura to one single creature. Although I used cards that return creatures to the opponent's hand this may be dangerous as it will ruin your progress if your enchanted creature is targeted. They may help keep your enemy at bay. Use them at your own discretion. Attaching three auras to the same creature nets you the 'Hat Trick' achievement. I included a video of my duel.

Deck Listing:
Ordeal of Heliod x 3
Nimbus Wings x 4
Arrest x 1
Armored Ascension x 1
Angelic Accord x 1
Marked by Honor x 2
Quicken x 1
Kraken Hatching x 3
Void Snare x 2
Maritime Guard x 2
Ior Ruin Expedition x 3
Voyage's End x 2
Guard Gomazoa x 1
Archaeomancer x 3
Inspiration x 3
Thassa's Bounty x 3
Darksteel Ingot x 1

The rest are land cards (Islands and Plains)