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Cast five spells in a single turn

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19 Jul 2014
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Hey Guys!
We will be making a completely defensive blue deck using only defenders and low power creatures. Go to Shandalar and duel the Cruel Reflection enemy. Just build up your defense, but try to hold on casting every card you can and just building up mana until you can cast five spells (these do not include land cards). I included a video of my duel.
Deck Listing:
Quicken x 1
Hedron Crab x 1
Kraken Hatchling x 3
Void Snare x 2
Military Intelligence x 2
Marititme Guard x 2
Doorkeeper x 2
Ior Ruin Expedition x 3
Voyage's End x 2
Negate x 3
Guard Gomazoa x 1
Dissolve x 3
Hysterical Blindness x 1
Archaeomancer x 3
Inspiration x 3
Thassa's Bounty x 3
Darksteel Ingot x 1

The rest are land cards (Islands)