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20 Jul 2014
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It's possible to get both "Wyatt Saved" and "Fergus Saved" in one playthrough, but you have to save your game before you make the choice. Otherwise you'll need to replay the entire first mission through the fortress over again.

When you get to the part with Deathshead, when the large armored behemoth is carrying you, the game will save. Quit out, and copy your save onto either the cloud or a flash drive.

When you go back in, choose the person you DON'T want to live during the game. You can't save both. (Sick choice, I know.)

If you choose to save Wyatt, you'll get armor upgrades throughout the game. If you choose to save Fergus, you'll get health upgrades instead.

Once you've made your decision, some nastiness will happen, and you'll get the appropriate achievement. Quit out to the dashboard, and go back in. This time, choose your HDD (or wherever you saved your game initially, just not where you copied your save to). You'll be back before the choice. This time make the decision you want to live with, and you'll pop the second cheeve as well.

DuBear61Good solution. I will point out that I simply exited to main menu at the point where the good Dr. asked for the choice to be made. I then copied the 2MB auto save to the cloud. I restarted, played the cloud save and got first Cheevo, immediately went to Dashboard and then restarted from my original auto save (on HDD) right back at them laying on floor, made opposite choice, got 2nd Cheevo and played on from there. Easy Peasy! Thumbs up from me.
Posted by DuBear61 on 23 Jul 14 at 05:48
toddycstSasha's solutions are the best!!!
Posted by toddycst on 09 Sep 14 at 20:20
ll BLAIR llThank you.
Posted by ll BLAIR ll on 29 Sep 16 at 21:22
GraymawrThank you. Great upvote from me. I will suggest though that Deathshead asks you to pick the person you would have him kill. So following your suggestion, the I picked the person I picked was the person I WANTED to live throughout the game to be killed. Then I went back in and picked my cloud saved and then choose to have the person I didn't want to be in the rest of the game to be eliminated. When I got the the cutscene I found your wording slightly confusing. Was a sick choice absolutely.
Posted by Graymawr on 09 Oct 21 at 12:04