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Hat Trick

Control a creature with three Auras attached to it

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21 Jul 2014
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I found a very simple solution for most of these achievements and I have confirmed it works for two so far. Simply create a deck that has lands of one color and spells of a completely different color. Then go to Single Player, Practice Duel and just choose Two Player. Give your opponent the useless deck you just made and start the match! They will just draw lands and not be able to play anything and you can complete whatever achievement you're going for, so easy!

NOTE: You cannot create a deck of just lands, must be a mix of lands and spells and must be at least a 60 card deck per MTG rules.
REJECt44450 lands is max for a deck but you wont be able to select it in practice duels. tried to make a 50 plains deck with 8 angels and 2 other cards to get the shadowborn demon achievement and it didnt work. 30 lands/30 cards is a nice mix that works.
Posted by REJECt444 on 21 Jul 14 at 02:22
VonrustherI did not understand why the negative vote. This solution is perfect and totally works... Thanks friend.
Posted by Vonrusther on 14 Sep 14 at 20:25