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Think Fast!

Kill an Elite Soldier with his own energy ball.

Think Fast!0
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03 Apr 2010 03 Jul 2012
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Start Half Life 2: Episode 1. Chapter 2: Direct Intervention.

When the level loads, go through the door ahead of you. Four or five Elite Soldiers will attack you. Stand back and don't shoot! One of the soldiers will shoot an energy ball at you. Grab the energy ball with your gravity gun (LT) and shoot it back (RT) at the same soldier.

The achievement will unlock if you hit the same Elite Soldier that shot the energy ball. If you miss or hit the wrong soldier, press start, select New Game and reload the level.

I have now uploaded a video to show just how quick this method is. Good luck!

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liner bronsonThat is a perfect solution. Took me 10 seconds
Posted by liner bronson on 15 Oct 10 at 22:45
drabiksmile I uploaded a video!
Posted by drabik on 03 Jul 12 at 01:15
drabikThanks! Glad I could help.
Posted by drabik on 18 Oct 12 at 05:25