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Running the Show

Obtain the General Rank on Xbox LIVE

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05 Apr 2010 04 Jul 2010
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Hey I've found a bit of a quicker way than most methods I've seen so I've made a video guide to it hope you enjoy

UPDATE : Even Quicker way : Exp Gainer has two Scarabs and 1 base , Worker has all bases same as other method just keep making barracks have the scarabs the perfect distance away so it can destroy the buildings but not the base itself , Worker just keeps rebuilding in three building spots, Insanely fast got 1000 XP in 4mins just Ran out of supplies Over all took us 25 mins

GL have fun

DA CYBER TIGERi like it :P
and it sounds easy :D thanks man
Posted by DA CYBER TIGER on 21 May 10 at 04:26
EVILSANTA777Its better to do turrets.
Posted by EVILSANTA777 on 24 May 10 at 14:21
Guan Two ThreeMy friend & I have been using this method and it is AWESOME. I admit that it can be tedious but it is very efficient. Since we both need the achievement, we take turns boosting points. On average, each session is about 35-45min depending on whether or not we goof around.

TIP #1: If there are any Reactors on the map, let the Covenant player get them! It'll allow him to spend his money on upgrading his Prophet rather than upgrading Regret AND his Temple.

TIP #2: If there are any Supply Elevators, let the UNSC player have them. Since he's the one taking all the damage, it'll help him raise money faster.
Posted by Guan Two Three on 05 Jun 10 at 03:43
WebChimp UKJust to let you guys know I was the helper in the video, and we've now refined the method even more, instead of the laser we use two scarabs, this means the person who is boosting the EXP will only need one base, and therefore it is a lot quicker.
Posted by WebChimp UK on 04 Jul 10 at 14:55
GrizimusDoesn't Bungie give you the ban hammer for that? Sounds like a great method, but I don't want to get locked out either.
Posted by Grizimus on 08 Jul 10 at 02:03
OwlowisciousGrizimus: This isn't Bungie's game. >.> It's Ensemble Studio's. And they don't exist anymore.

Also, the method works great, and thanks for updating it about the scarab.
Posted by Owlowiscious on 08 Jul 10 at 03:11
Posted by NotSoBraveDave on 08 Jul 10 at 07:48
WebChimp UKYet another update guys, we managed to get matched in 1 v 1 Deathmatch, and due to starting with 15k resources each this made it even quicker, we managed to get 4000 points in 20 minutes, although probably spent 5 minutes overall trying to get match made together in 1 v 1, so it kind of really balances out.
Posted by WebChimp UK on 10 Aug 10 at 17:39
Bloody NineI would love to boost this with someone, it looks like a very sturdy method and I'm still dying for this Achievement to pop. Good work guys.
Posted by Bloody Nine on 17 Oct 10 at 17:31
G01dustso how many games/ hours would this take if you havnt started on it yet?
Posted by G01dust on 06 Feb 11 at 17:43
NotSoBraveDaveAbout a full day
Posted by NotSoBraveDave on 06 Feb 11 at 18:29
CLE SMITTY ESQA half hour per person, about 33,000 exp for one person each half hour so that comes out to about 29 hours in total.
Posted by CLE SMITTY ESQ on 20 Mar 11 at 12:24
NotSoBraveDaveNice calculations XD
Posted by NotSoBraveDave on 20 Mar 11 at 14:15
AeonicArchangelVery good solution. I did it and added 3 locust and my prophet. It speeds it up by a few minutes.
Posted by AeonicArchangel on 24 Mar 11 at 14:17
CyberKnightPlayed my first boosting match tonight, and this technique worked well. About 35 minutes per 33.6k exp.
Some personal observations:
The build-up time to building two scarabs vs. upgrading Regret is about equal (give or take a minute or two).
The scarabs are MUCH quicker at destroying buildings than even a fully-upgraded prophet, but the trade-off is that the UNSC player has to rebuild a lot faster, and you'll end up spending resources faster than you make them (even with four bases of supply pads!). Some of the time we spent was just backing the scarabs off and waiting for supplies when the UNSC player went broke. (Although, if you find the right spot for the scarabs where they attack the buildings and just sit there once the buildings are gone, it's worth just leaving them in position and have the UNSC player not rebuild (or rebuild more slowly) than trying to jockey them back into position once the UNSC supplies are built up.)
It can be a little tricky finding the right position for the scarabs to attack the support buildings and not target the base core itself.
You can probably get away with just using one scarab. Building destruction time is still pretty quick, and if you position it right, it will sweep back and forth across two or even three buildings.
Posted by CyberKnight on 13 Apr 11 at 05:50
CyberKnightOh, also, something found by the guy boosting with me (xXUrAtowel420Xx) -- If you both press "start" at the same time, it doesn't seem to want to match you up. If, however, the first player hits start, and the second hits start after the first player's "Matchmaking starting in ..." countdown (5 seconds), it will match you up right away.
Posted by CyberKnight on 13 Apr 11 at 12:28
NotSoBraveDaveawesome thanks for the info
Posted by NotSoBraveDave on 13 Apr 11 at 14:26
CyberKnightSome other tips and tricks I've collected along the way:
There is a cap on the rate of resources you can take in. You can shave a little time off by letting the Prophet take one extra base and build more warehouses, instead of having the UNSC take more bases than necessary. (I've even been able to start building Scarab 2 before Scarab 1 is finished.) Barrens is a great map for this, because there are six bases total -- but even when there are fewer available bases, supply elevators usually balance it out. (There's one ice map that only has four bases and no supply elevators, though -- that's the exception to the rule.)

Have the UNSC player play as Cutter. Sure, Forge builds heavy supply pads, but in the endgame, it means you're spending 150 building barracks, and you're likely to run out of resources faster. Cutter gives you a bigger base to start with, and you still have the regular supply pads to build at the end of the game (100 resources per building).

The Prophet should help out by clearing out bases, supply elevators, and reactors as possible -- he's better at it than Warthogs. But use the cleansing beam sparingly until the Scarabs are built.

As the Prophet, don't waste a pad building a Hall -- you can capture a reactor with an Elite Honor Guard (costs 150, built at the base's core).

When you start building the second Scarab, recycle one of your warehouses and build a Summit, then build four Engineers. Place the Engineers around the base you plan to attack. (UNSC player should take care not to have any Warthogs in the area; I have earned the full amount of XP losing one Engineer, but I wouldn't risk it.) The Engineers close to the base will let the Scarabs "see" the base from further away, making it much easier for them to stand further away where they will hit the support buildings and not attack the base core. (NB: keep the Engineers off of the base -- if they're hovering over the base, it can make it more difficult for the UNSC to rebuild quickly, as the player will end up selecting the Engineer instead of the building pad.)

When selecting a base to destroy, choose one that has a lot of ground on the right and left sides of the base, so the Scarabs can stand far enough away and target three pads each. This *usually* ends up being the starting base. (Barrens, one of the two center bases works well, with one Scarab at the healing spire and one at a reactor.) Keep in mind that Scarabs can stand on terrain other ground units can't, like mountains, valleys, or forests; so you're not limited to open fields.

UNSC, lock down the base. As you're moving quickly, it's easy to slip and build a Warthog, which could end up firing on the Engineers. (Alternately, set the rally point right in front of one of the Scarabs, so an errant Warthog will end up getting vaporized quickly.)
I've had matches last as little as 23 minutes, although most are closer to the 28-30 minute range.
Posted by CyberKnight on 14 May 11 at 20:01
NotSoBraveDavethanks for the info :)
Posted by NotSoBraveDave on 15 May 11 at 06:38
Tatakai no KamiThis is lifted off the Official Halo wars Site, and is the current amounts of XP Required.

Rank Score Needed
Recruit Play 1 Game
Lieutenant 15,000
Captain 30,000
Major 60,000
Commander 120,000
Colonel 240,000
Brigadier 480,000
General 960,000
Posted by Tatakai no Kami on 15 Jun 11 at 05:47
NonfaithThanks for the great solution. Got the achievement with it.
Posted by Nonfaith on 25 Aug 11 at 11:55
Posted by NotSoBraveDave on 25 Aug 11 at 14:46
dc0drWith max of 33,600 points per game, it will take you 28 and a half games. Average game being 30 minutes it will take you 16.5 hours including 5 minutes of loading/matchmaking for each game.

Still haven't got it. :\
Posted by dc0dr on 16 Sep 11 at 09:31
Posted by NotSoBraveDave on 16 Sep 11 at 21:50
TH0R TDtryed your vid method worked fine for me, double boxing. Just another 28 matches to complete but i will be sticking with this method and giving this guide a thumbs up.
Posted by TH0R TD on 05 Dec 11 at 18:14
NotSoBraveDaveAwesome tyvm
Posted by NotSoBraveDave on 06 Dec 11 at 07:23
PHARREAL87prophet +1 scarab, me and boosting partners have been finishing in 23-24 minutes....also to get matched up one person should push start and then the other should press start 5 seconds later, if you do it at the same time it won't match you up for some reason.
Posted by PHARREAL87 on 14 Feb 12 at 18:01
PHARREAL8720mins 40sec on a map with a total of 4 bases. best time so far.
Posted by PHARREAL87 on 22 Feb 12 at 17:13
Posted by NotSoBraveDave on 22 Feb 12 at 20:33
talkstogodWanted to second CyberKnight's comment:


The fact that you can build warehouses for 100 resources, vs barracks for 150 resources with Forge, means that you need a total of 40,000 vs 60,000 to get to 4,000 pts. That's a huge difference.

The other thing you can do to speed it up is use Prophet to clear buildings for the UNSC player. Build the temple first, then send Prophet out while you're building everything else and/or saving up for the scarab/upgrades. You need to be careful with him but it isn't that hard, if you start taking hits just back off and let the shield regenerate. Use his normal shots for critters and his sky beam for buildings.

I'm only half-way done but averaging 26 minutes/game on keep away.
Posted by talkstogod on 20 Mar 12 at 15:13
EnterTheFrayAnyone know how hard or if it's possible to do it with 2 xboxs alone?
Posted by EnterTheFray on 13 Nov 12 at 04:07
Exalted EntityThis is for Turbo Control users (I used Hori Pad Turbo EX2)

Deathmatch: 1 v 1

Takes about 25 minutes to get to 4000 points (same as the non turbo way, simple because when you build and destroy many buildings, it drains resources fast, and you have to stop to regenerate them, and when you do one building at a time, you do not run out of resources at all).

When the EXP gainer has the scarab, he/she should set it up so that it attacks only one building.Then the worker turbos the A button on that building square, and put your controller face down on a blanket (with wrinkles, not a flat blanket), and move it slightly so that your left stick is pushed towards the left (so you would move left in game). This will allow you to keep building either Barracks, Vehicle depot, or Airpads.
Posted by Exalted Entity on 04 Feb 13 at 20:22
D4rthD4nteThis method works fine, but it was much quicker to use a scarab than the prophet.
Posted by D4rthD4nte on 28 Sep 13 at 22:12
XI AlphaMale IXI'm running out of resources on the non-EXP gainer side at around 2000 EXP and have to stop everything for 10 minutes or so. Am I doing something wrong?
Posted by XI AlphaMale IX on 10 Jan 14 at 14:23
Ultras500Quick question, I am duel boxing this method. Haven't had a single problem matching up even with the tru skill difference however I did 4 games today but the xp only counted for 3. Was this a glitch or is there an daily xp cap?
Posted by Ultras500 on 16 Jan 14 at 21:08
Mobius EvalonOverall this method is very effective, but I've a number of things to contribute.

Firstly, all buildings on the left of the build wheel cost the same to build and are worth the same when destroyed, and everyone I've boosted this with has unanimously agreed that vehicle depots are easier to select with the fiddly control stick. The only thing you don't want to build is a supply pad because it costs nearly twice as much.

I've also found over the course of my boosting that the UNSC player simply cannot build things fast enough to cover more than three sites, so the winner can play as any Covenant and needs only one scarab. My sessions on the same map with the different methods end at 25 minutes regardless, so it's just not worth taking the extra base from the UNSC player to fuel the hammer of dawn or waiting the extra time to have the second scarab.

An engineer can be helpful for the Covenant player. Plop down a Summit and get an engineer, then position the engineer on the turret slot nearest the buildings you're destroying with the scarab. The presence of the engineer makes the scarab fire upon the buildings from much further away and generally makes it more cooperative and less likely to attack the main structure from its vantage point.

On maps with Forerunner supply elevators, send one marine unit to each as UNSC. If I recall, Chasms has only two neutral bases but also has two supply elevators. These will easily keep the UNSC player in resources for the duration of the match.

The Covenant player needs the extra base only long enough to build the Scarab, then immediately self destructs it and lets the UNSC player have it. Once the large ships are flying in the pre-fab parts of that final base, the UNSC player should send all their units to die that are otherwise not needed (leaving garrisons in supply elevators etc. as necessary, LB "select all" does not include those.)

The Covenant player should be attacking a UNSC base by 10 minutes into the match. Very fast setups should only take 7-8 minutes (claiming all the bases etc.) The UNSC player should be sitting on approximately 23000 resources by the time the scarab moves in, which is enough to spam buildings as Forge.

Bases are worth 20 points and each outlying building is worth 10, so a fully stocked base can be detonated to gain the Covenant player 90 points. On maps like Pirth Outskirts, you can self destruct all your bases at 3570 points to save a lot of time (90 pts*4 bases, one base at 70 pts assuming the scarab is destroying two buildings).
Posted by Mobius Evalon on 17 Apr 14 at 23:26
ThatiswhatidoeSPlus the 4 turrets (12pts each) on each base destroyed is an extra 48 points so 138 total per base, just don't build turrets on the base your boosting on. It's so fast when blowing up all you bases at the end. At 3,360 points with a 5 total base map is when I would self destruct all my bases.
Posted by ThatiswhatidoeS on 19 Jul 14 at 18:35
itz waz meI prefer the "Release" flood method, it is a lot more relaxing and both players get XP. it takes a little longer, but i am ok with it because i don't have to pay that much attention and i can do other stuff at the same time.
Posted by itz waz me on 07 Oct 14 at 18:47
DarthBane53Feel free to add me and we can work on this together!
Posted by DarthBane53 on 23 Feb 15 at 02:12
Buddy laugh
Posted on 20 Apr 15 at 03:40
Add me if you're up for this - Fictional Words

We'll take turns each round until we both get the achievement and I am Lieutenant Rank by the way
Posted on 07 Apr 16 at 14:10
King GBFI don´t see the point in using 2 scarabs. You will run out of money way too early. I´m currently boosting this alone with two 360´s, and I´m averaging 24 minutes (depending on the map) with one scarab.
Posted by King GBF on 07 May 16 at 09:38
MetroidkillahThanks for the solution. I just got off a session with a friend, and it worked like a charm. He only used one Scarab, as they seem to be a bit finicky about distance and auto-targeting; but everything else went perfectly. We hit 4000XP in 25-30 minutes per game.
Posted by Metroidkillah on 29 Dec 16 at 14:34
Im Invisible xthanks!
Posted by Im Invisible x on 25 May 17 at 10:37
ROBBOTS12311looking for a boosting partner to get this done with send me a message my gamer tag is ROBBOTS12311
Posted by ROBBOTS12311 on 28 Jun 17 at 16:37
Charlie LimaThanks!
Good comments and tips. Need to finish this one soon...
Posted by Charlie Lima on 08 Aug 18 at 16:01
G37 ShadowThere are additional Updates:

The worker has to use Cutter Not Forge.
He doesnt builds heavy Pads right away Like Dave mentions but the barraks cost 150 and the normal supply Pad 100.
That ress reduction IS huge
for 3700 Points 55k using barraks 37k for normal Pads!

Also when the Prophet is on the field he has to aid/do the Work alone to clear Rebel bases and forerunner supply Pads (and kill other Rebels of course begining with closest to the human).

The Prophet also doesnt needs a second base like He said or that many ress crates on the field only 2 or 3 small bunches.

With this U really Finish in 25 mins.
Posted by G37 Shadow on 22 Mar 20 at 13:28
DemonMustKillDoes anyone want to grind with me to achieve rank general?
Posted by DemonMustKill on 15 Apr 20 at 11:36
simo949I can't find my partner.
Is the MP region locked?
Posted by simo949 on 21 Apr 20 at 09:44
blob197I'm having trouble finding my partner as well. We match maybe half the time if we're lucky
Posted by blob197 on 21 May 20 at 01:07
NslZeusIf you are going to do this, i would not recommend a boosting partner(since it takes alot of time just getting it for yourself).

Recommendation: if you have a extra xbox,buy the game,gold,etc and do it alone.
Posted by NslZeus on 22 Jun 20 at 02:34
Definitely the way to go, i've got a X360 and a X1 so just bought another copy of the game for a measly £3. Set up a new account with a free gold trial and away you go!
Posted by Ashdo on 30 Jun 20 at 12:25
UnfurledEmu75There's no need to get any gold, it's shared on xbox one
Posted by UnfurledEmu75 on 09 Aug 20 at 22:42
Ste4Beer85^ Yep , You just use your main acc that has gold on the 360 and other acc on One, I’ve done this tons of times with other games achievements
Posted by Ste4Beer85 on 12 Aug 20 at 13:13
Killionaire119Message me @Killionaire119 if you’d like to boost this achievement as well as the co-op achievements
Posted by Killionaire119 on 30 Aug 20 at 07:21
G37 ShadowHere are additional updates:

The worker has to use Cutter Not Forge.
He doesnt builds heavy Pads right away Like Dave mentions but the barraks cost 150 and the normal supply Pad 100.
That ress reduction IS huge
for 3700 Points 55k using barraks 37k for normal Pads!

Also when the Prophet is on the field he has to aid/do the Work alone to clear Rebel bases and forerunner supply Pads (and kill other Rebels of course begining with closest to the human).

The Prophet also doesnt needs a second base like He said or that many ress crates on the field only 2 or 3 small bunches.

With this u really Finish in 25 mins
Posted by G37 Shadow on 16 Sep 20 at 02:26
Dontjugdeme487If anyone is looking to boost this before the servers shut down next year (360 version) hmu.
Posted by Dontjugdeme487 on 20 Dec 20 at 03:27
snikefriendIf you view the announcement and take a look at the chart they provided, Halo Wars isn't affected and matchmaking will continue to work after the services sunset. I guess the only reason they mentioned it in the announcement is because they halted the digital sales.
Posted by snikefriend on 20 Dec 20 at 11:41
Avenge El Chapo@snikefriend

Unfortunately, Halo Wars (Xbox 360) is listed for the server shutdown on the official list on Halo Waypoint.

“ The following Halo Xbox 360 titles will be impacted when we sunset online services late next year: 

Halo: Reach 
Halo 4 
Halo 3 
Halo 3: ODST 
Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary 
Spartan Assault 
Halo Wars ”
Posted by Avenge El Chapo on 21 Dec 20 at 08:55
Zalexzy@avenge you are repeating just news, snikefriend is right. Look/read the news, it has chart. Halo Wars multiplayer will still work according it. So game doesn't have it own servers, but uses general x360 servers and will continue to work.
Posted by Zalexzy on 21 Dec 20 at 12:01
EarthboundXI can't get the two Scarabs methold to work in the slightest. I can't get them close enough so they only destroy the barracks but also not the main base.

Plus the two Scarabs way has a much longer setup time than just using the big laser.
Posted by EarthboundX on 31 Dec 20 at 04:46
AlyssonSouzaWBO can't find my friends in Public, Open Party game, I connect one time and pass hours without can connect again,someone have some ideas??
Posted by AlyssonSouzaWB on 01 Jan at 15:03
EarthboundXHmm, after reading these comments, I tried Cutter instead, and I didn't notice a single change, Barracks and everything else still cost the same. Is it because I'm playing on Deathmatch, instead of Keep Away? Keep Away just seems much worse than Deathmatch, because you don't start with 15,000, and everything isn't already upgraded.
Posted by EarthboundX on 02 Jan at 08:29
Dutch x MonsterEarthbound you need to angle the scarabs so it aims away from the base when you kill the barracks doing it else youll fire right into the base, if the working player upgrades their base so you have corner slots it should be possible
Posted by Dutch x Monster on 27 Feb at 12:05
EarthboundXThanks, ended up finishing up with the big laser methold though.
Posted by EarthboundX on 27 Feb at 13:54
AnubisTheDeathDone this with 2 xboxes, great guide. I used a scarab and the prophet's beam power.
Posted by AnubisTheDeath on 03 Mar at 04:49
MrKoolxDoodAny idea how many hours of boosting this takes
Posted by MrKoolxDood on 04 Apr at 14:11
IKSUI started the boosting with two xboxes in Deathmatch 1v1 playlist. At the beginning it my two accounts found each others immediately. Then after couple day of boosting I started to see other players (?) and my accounts cannot find anymore each others.

Could there be some kind of level thing here? If one account is really high in xp, it cannot play with lower level player? Does any one have any idea why matchmaking is not working anymore?

EDIT: problem seems to be skill cap in ranks. If you are using two xboxes, be careful that accounts' skill cap does not grow too big. For example, I can find game with 19 and 23 level accounts. Difference is 4 and it cannot go much bigger.
Posted by IKSU on 13 Apr at 16:56
EmperorBelloI had a question about the above post... in order to fix it just go ahead and lose to yourself, the score you get doesnt seem to matter so just trade wins with yourself.
Posted by EmperorBello on 25 Apr at 03:13
EarthboundXI didn't have to trade wins with my second account when I did this. Sometimes it would take 3-5 minutes to find my alt account though.
Posted by EarthboundX on 25 Apr at 06:05
ZemidekNo player base whatsoever at this point lol
Posted by Zemidek on 12 May at 00:28
The S bot 9000Supply pads dont “cap out” like CyberKnight said but they do have diminishing returns (i.e supply pads #10 gives much less resources than supply pad #1 did), making the Return on Investment in the latter half of the match something to consider.

Also I found doing Deathmatches ~3-5 minutes faster than Keepaway and alot more enjoyable since you don't need to manage upgrades during your prep, which allowed me to goof off while I waited for the worker's resources to accumulate. No issues matching due to the trueskill difference btw (nearing the end it was ~18 in difference).
Posted by The S bot 9000 on 19 May at 05:18
MutantkillaAnyone having issues connecting to the servers already?? Getting worried this isn't going to be fixed before the real shutdown in December...
Posted by Mutantkilla on 31 May at 23:44
PlattfussGDfanYeah, tried it today for a while, doesn't work.
You can't even look at the leaderboards page.
I will try it every day from now on in hopes it will work again.
Posted by PlattfussGDfan on 01 Jun at 21:00
Finny 0Any joy with connecting to the servers?
Posted by Finny 0 on 08 Jun at 17:32
EscadiasServers have been fixed on june 8th, but who knows for how long.
Posted by Escadias on 09 Jun at 06:40
TachikomaShikiIf you're doing this with another Xbox and having issues finding your other account, try searching as your main and wait until it says 'Waiting for Players...' then start searching as your other account and you should get matched up almost instantly. My TrueSkill Rank was 16 and my other account was 2 and it didn't make any difference thankfully. This was also in Deathmatch 1v1.
Posted by TachikomaShiki on 20 Aug at 05:52
Dutch x MonsterMake sure to derank trueskill by basicly when you get paired up destroying your bases and giving the "TrueSkill to your dummy" try keep a very low true skill on main if you do this way if you cannot pair up you make another dummy especially on X1 where if set to home console on main all accounts have gold
Posted by Dutch x Monster on 26 Sep at 13:02
INSTINCT H410My friend and I can’t match eachother at all despite both having 0 true skill. Any idea why?
Posted by INSTINCT H410 on 27 Sep at 10:16
Dutch x MonsterNAT possibly, I cannot host with Xbox 1 but if I search with X360 which has open not moderate like my Xbox One I can connect
Posted by Dutch x Monster on 27 Sep at 14:22
MrKoolxDoodCan this be double boxed?
Posted by MrKoolxDood on 01 Oct at 21:53
Crimsonkatana18Anybody want to do this ach?
Posted by Crimsonkatana18 on 06 Oct at 12:35
ThroatPuncher01Anyone having a hard time logging in? One Xbox One anytime I try to log in it fails and just says "Contact Xbox Support." I am just trying to log into my account and XBL through Halo Wars
Posted by ThroatPuncher01 on 12 Oct at 12:29
Yazite^ Yes I was having issues with the servers today. It only worked on 1v1 keepaway for some reason.
Posted by Yazite on 12 Oct at 21:55