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The Moment of Glory

Complete the Final match (major objective) in Story of Finals on World Class difficulty or higher

The Moment of Glory0
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03 Aug 2014 09 Oct 2014
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How I did this was turn offside of for sure, then when in game ultra attacking, counter attack, team pressure. Then go stand just outside the box and press cn_LB so that your teammates put extra pressure on the opponents.

When your teammates have the ball around the midfield ask for a long ball(cn_X button) then when you recieve the ball run towards the box, when you are just going inside the box press the shoot button(cn_B button) and then aim for the corners of the goal.

This is the way I did it and I found this easier then trying to lob over the keeper.

You can also try for a lob(cn_LB + cn_B) or a precision shot (cn_RB + cn_B) it takes around 5-10 attempts to get the achievement.

Good luck!