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Win International Open

Win the International Open in the Road to FIFA World Cup mode

Win International Open0
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The SFC ChrisThe SFC Chris90,308
06 Apr 2010
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After playing your first friendly match, you'll be in a small tournament. Just win your first three group games, and you'll be in the semi-finals. All you have to do is win the semi-finals, and then win the final and you'll get the achievement. Difficulty doesn't matter so put it on anything you want.
Hampshire VeganI can't even score on amateur - is there any hope for me?
Posted by Hampshire Vegan on 12 Feb 12 at 13:32
Silent iz loud^lol me either
Posted by Silent iz loud on 25 Jan 13 at 02:21
CRAZE KILERI won the first three games, forfeited the fourth. Won the semifinals than it said another country won the cup and it sent me back to the qualifier.
Posted by CRAZE KILER on 08 May 13 at 04:28
KILLING5PR33Wish you would explain how many games total you need to play total and a more in depth guide.
Posted by KILLING5PR33 on 25 Feb 14 at 23:55
Inferno118I can’t even scorelaugh there’s too many controls in sport games for me lmao
Posted by Inferno118 on 02 Nov 18 at 01:49
Kwiqyou can forfeit your first friendly it doesn't count towards anything..
Posted by Kwiq on 10 May at 21:40