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Artisan Tuner

Earn 30,000 credits from the community using your tune setups.

Artisan Tuner0
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07 Aug 2014 07 Aug 2014 07 Apr 2019
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This achievement has been Partly Discontinued since November 2018. Only those who had already earned the required amount of credits from the community can unlock it.

Old solution that no longer works:
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Throni360 I got the first tuner achievement but the paint job was only freelancer status. Did 10 Heats and got ~3.8k for Tuning and nothing for paint. I put one decal on a colored car. Is that not enough? Tuning worked with changing one setting.
Posted by Throni360 on 15 Aug 14 at 14:21
HolyHalfDead I'm sorry you didn't get a design payout after 10 heats. The payouts in this game are so random. One day my Drivatar appeared in 9 races and I got 2,835 CR, yet when my Drivatar appeared in just 1 race I got 3,510 CR. Another day they appeared in 186 races and only got 13,680 CR.

I think the minimum threshold for a payout must be between 2,500 - 3,000 credits. I have updated my solution so that you do 20 heats per day instead of 10 heats, and that should guarantee you get both a Tune and a Design payout each day.
Posted by HolyHalfDead on 15 Aug 14 at 18:06
Throni360 I did 20 heats last day and got the same amount for tuning = 3.800 cr again - and nothing for the paint job. I'm trying this again with a better paint job including several layers and colors. I hope that works.

Random payouts, but spot on solution.
Posted by Throni360 on 16 Aug 14 at 23:35