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Acquire all medals for every story mission in the game

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09 Aug 2014
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Since everyone seems to have trouble with take no damage on 'Odd Job' I thought maybe I should help. Let me first say I was terrified of this level after reading how horrible this level was for most people. I thought I was going to have to spend at least an hour perfecting it. Turns out I got this on my very second try. The reason why I failed the first was cause I read some of the solutions above.

So here is the solution or the best technique strategy. Select the max level silvertail along with a max level hireman. EQUIP THE ANIMA DELFECTOR (I CANNOT STRESS HOW IMPORTANT THIS IS). Then Select the Mind and Agility Ampoule. As soon as the level starts move in circles around the screen to dodge all the fireballs. And dont worry so much about shooting the enemies, let your hireman do that for you. After you pass the first section switch over to your deflector. Hold down the deflector once you see ANY threats. Even if the enemy is small and you can kill it with one shot dont even bother. Do this for the next two sections (which is suppose to be the hardest parts) and finally when you reach the boss at the end use your hireman special. One special should do the trick and they should die before you enter in free flight mode, if not hit them with another one. Hope this helps
MastermindDavidwhere do you get the anima deflector?
Posted by MastermindDavid on 12 Aug 14 at 21:26
theshadowI had 2 Anima Deflector food items by the time I got around to this medal, so I can't help you there. Just wanted to say THANK YOU. Made this medal a whole lot easier!
Posted by theshadow on 13 Aug 14 at 15:15
Testavesomething still always hits me from behind... #nohomo :(
Posted by Testave on 13 Aug 14 at 20:54
flodrosIf you don't have it then you can get it by buying item packs from the store. It took me about 6 of the more expensive ones before I got it.
Posted by flodros on 16 Aug 14 at 11:18
ToAnDaDeStRoYeRTo be honest im not sure where i got the anima deflector. This was one of the last levels that I needed to do and I had 2 anima deflectors.
Posted by ToAnDaDeStRoYeR on 17 Aug 14 at 00:35
shelbygt5252I got one while fighting the bloated anomaly
Posted by shelbygt5252 on 18 Aug 14 at 02:35
Vr EnglishYeah this is what I did, same thing with some other levels too. Its still tough, I thought about posting it, but you beat me to it. Good tips.
Posted by Vr English on 20 Aug 14 at 07:46