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550 Pass Yds with the Titans

550 Pass Yds in a game with the Titans (non co-op)

550 Pass Yds with the Titans0
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28 Dec 2008 11 Dec 2011
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Set the game difficulty and quarter length to settings that you are comfortable and confident with (I chose Pro and 15-minutes to be sure and had plenty of time to spare) and set up a Play Now game with the Tennessee Titans.

Use nothing but passing plays, and you should be able to unlock the Achievement fairly easily. You must complete the entire game before the Achievement unlocks - it will not be earned once your total passing yards exceeds 550. As reported in the comments (thanks, YoshiMiyamoto), playing out the game to completion or quitting the game will allow the Achievement to unlock. However, super simming the game will cause the Achievement to NOT unlock. Whichever method you use, the Achievement will unlock upon leaving the match, but will not pop mid-game.

I suggest playing this game against a Rival team (Houston, Jacksonville, or Indianapolis) because you have a good chance of earning the 40- or 60-point versus a Rival Achievements at the same time.
P4NDA CAKESi found that im only great at QB when im playing with the Pats or the Steelers this took me like 3 games i blame the recivers lol
Posted by P4NDA CAKES on 13 Aug 10 at 19:00
YoshiMiyamotoContrary to the solution, you DO NOT have to complete the game for the achievement to unlock. If you quit out of the game, the achievement will unlock at the loading screen. If, however, you supersim to the end of the game, the achievement will not unlock.
Posted by YoshiMiyamoto on 11 Dec 11 at 06:31
wraithrockQuitting worked for me got this one and the one for 6 interceptions, only wish I had known this earlier.
Posted by wraithrock on 26 Jun 12 at 02:56
StEvEY5036Another confirmation that quitting after meeting the requirement will pop the achievement. Thank you!
Posted by StEvEY5036 on 16 Jul 17 at 19:26