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Clear a map without deploying a Thief or losing a single crystal.

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22 Aug 2014 17 Jan 2019
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I was having a lot of trouble with this achievement with the solutions provided, so I searched the net and found this image that makes it really easy to get on Kithili Sands (in W2).

External image

NOTE: Do not buy upgrades or units early, it will cause you to mess up the level and you will have to start over.
DaeryoonFinally an easy to follow text version. Thanks. Worked like a charm, but I did not have enough money to upgrade the final blue crystal until I killed one of the bosses in Wave 30. Still got it, though.
Posted by Daeryoon on 28 Aug 14 at 22:23
TheOtherBarberOn 26, 28 and 30 I ran out of Gil before I could upgrade and place all units. Lost 10 Crystals on Wave 30 because of it.
Posted by TheOtherBarber on 20 Oct 14 at 17:50
PreeeemoThen you didn't place properly, thanks for the downvote.
Posted by Preeeemo on 21 Oct 14 at 06:46
TheOtherBarberYou're welcome? I did it twice, got the same result both times. I'm not sure why you seem to be offended by my downvote since you didn't make the map. That's how a solution works- you make it & if the person doesn't find it helpful they downvote it.
Posted by TheOtherBarber on 25 Oct 14 at 03:56
TheOtherBarberFYI, it's gone wrong on Level 29 every time I've tried it. There HAS to be some other thing that should be placed on Level 29 instead of 30. Suggestions?
Posted by TheOtherBarber on 09 Nov 14 at 17:10
TheOtherBarberThis time I got it by doing everything for Wave 30 on Wave 29 except for Soldier X to Level 7 and Empower Blue Gem P. On Wave 30 you can Empower Blue Gem P and once you kill one of the Wave 30 enemies you can upgrade Soldier X to Level 7 and barely make it.
Posted by TheOtherBarber on 09 Nov 14 at 18:30
ZotmeisterThat worked absolutely flawlessly with the latest patch, and I never ran out of money at any point (I had 2 gil left after the final placement in Wave 30). Precise placement is essential - and that is an easy thing to mess up given the way the graphics are presented (the cursor appears to go into the road/jar slightly for some placements) - but nail it and it works. Good find!
Posted by Zotmeister on 14 Mar 16 at 17:05
VampiricMarnixSolution works! Failed for me the first time when I put some troops on the field too soon instead of doing 'nothing'. This way I got a lower clear bonus on a level, so I didn't have enough gil to upgrade the final time mage and failed. If you do EVERY step like it stands in the solution, it works perfectly!
Posted by VampiricMarnix on 20 May 16 at 16:15
bigfatwalletOMG very last enemy on wave 30 got through despite following the above to the T. Wil ltry again tomorrow. Great guide. Much easier than youtube.
Posted by bigfatwallet on 25 Aug 16 at 22:34
bigfatwalletNope, did it again and last enemy got through the net despite adding an extra time mage and archer in the bottom right corner.
Posted by bigfatwallet on 26 Aug 16 at 15:01
BraverLeonheartWorked perfectly, thanks a lot, much easier to follow than a video
Posted by BraverLeonheart on 28 Aug 16 at 12:50
HYBRID HIVEThanks for this! Got it first try!
Posted by HYBRID HIVE on 25 Jan 17 at 01:50
Zashule 1765Had same problem as TheOtherBarber. Followed guide exactly, didn't have enough gil to empower blue crystal on P or upgrade TM to level 2 at T. Lost 5 crystals on final wave. cry
Have tried twice with this strategy
Posted by Zashule 1765 on 26 Jan 17 at 06:49
Y2Kasper10I did it 4 times "almost" exactly and failed every time. The big trick or point people should know with this guide is to follow it exactly and DO NOT place the next rounds guys before the round starts, even if you have the money. Same thing, DO NOT level up your men before you are supposed to.

Your round bonus is measured on what troops you have on the field and what levels. If you overpower your troops before the right level, you lose out on bonus coins needed for later. If level 5 for example calls for a 3 Archer, DO NOT make him a 4 archer, just because you can.
Posted by Y2Kasper10 on 26 Mar 17 at 23:48
Crimson DrifterWorked perfect, top solution failed for me. +1
Posted by Crimson Drifter on 20 Aug 17 at 02:24
vegansoundThanks for the image. I'm not a big fan of pictured solutions, I rather prefer videos, but for this games, 'text' guides are the best.

But Preeeemo, I think you should incorporate in your solution that we DO need to respect the waves time-line adds and upgrades. Because at first I was just recruting and leveling up my troops as soon as I could, not waiting for the proper waves to do it. I had some advance for sure, but in the end, that's what made me lose the game. Doing each waves as it is said fix this problem and no gems are stolen.
Posted by vegansound on 23 Mar 18 at 16:16
Flipy FlipersonWorked perfectly. I absolutely love the grid solution. Much easier to follow than video or even just plain text. P.S. for anyone looking...the solution in the walkthrough does not work, but this one works great.
Posted by Flipy Fliperson on 03 Dec 20 at 22:17
UnstoppableKDI've followed both this and the video walkthroughs multiple times and the last guy gets through no matter what, it doesn't make any sense.

Edit: Nevermind :/ upvoted lol
Posted by UnstoppableKD on 05 Dec 20 at 06:11