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09 Apr 2010 09 Apr 2010
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Castle Crashers reviewed by Chris Henderson.

I downloaded castle crashers earlier this year, as I was looking for a game that I could just pick up and play when I got too infuriated with what ever game I was playing at the time. Well I can say in my opinion I made a good decision.

Castle Crashers is a side scrolling Slash em up, which reminds me of Golden Axe, but with more gore. It is simple story, bad guy steals magic crystal, and then his minions abduct four princesses for good measure. You set out as one of four Knights Green, Red, Blue and orange (Power Rangers anyone??) to rescue them and retrieve the crystal. Each Knight has a lethal arsenal at their disposal, elemental magic is one when at higher levels is really handy. You also have choices of melee weapons (some of which vary from a lollipop to some major butt kicking swords) and bows + arrows (in my opinion pretty useless).

You also have pet orbs at you beck and call, each one gives the knight a different advantage, Monkey gives you extra experience, the owl finds food to restore your health and a psycho looking bear which just tries to kill anything. The game has a tinge of RPG to it, as your knights level up you can increase there base skills, which improve there attack, magic, speed and bowman ship.

Each level is brightly coloured and easy to manoeuvre round; the game play is smooth and easy to grasp, with it being a side scrolling game you always know which way to head. The story although pretty linear is easy to get into and to want to finish. The enemies are not going to try and ambush you and attack while your not watching, but they do come en-masse, you get a good variance of enemies with different skills and techniques, so you have to learn the best way to handle them. Boss battles vary from really easy to stupidly hard. But overall a joy to play and it has replay-ability as there are two DLC which add new characters, weapons and pet orbs.

The game also boasts two mini games, the first is an arena, where you can go all out and slaughter friends at will. The other is all you can quaff, which is a button tapping eating game. Its fun to play with friends when you have got tired of slaughtering.

Castle crashers can be played in single player or co-op locally, but it can also be played through X-BOX Live with three other players. This leads to hours of fun and for a simple game it excels in that area. You can literally pick it up and enjoy it. I would recommend this game to people who enjoy multiplayer games.

To me there is no wonder it was voted XBLA game of the year 2008.

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Chris Henderson
HendoTheVikingThis is my first ever review I wrote middle of last year. Please let me know what you think and how i can improve my writing style!
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