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Crimson DrifterCrimson Drifter870,786
27 Aug 2008
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The assault rifle is probably going to be the weapon you use the most throughout the game. Simply keep constantly upgrading and equipping new more powerful rifles and you will eventually get this, also use the Overkill skill to help in aiming and killing enemies faster. The kills will carry on multiple play throughs if you don't get it the first time around.

Also you MUST get the killing shot, your teammates kills don't count.
Leon KowalskiFor a new character, only the Soldier class can use an Assault Rifle, so it isn't necessarily the weapon you use throughout most of the game, unless you're a Soldier. Or if you've finished the game with a Soldier, a new character could start with the Assault Rifle talent.

A trick with getting any of the weapon achievements early is directing your squad (with the D-pad) to some out-of-the-way location where they cannot shoot the enemies.
Posted by Leon Kowalski on 06 Jan 09 at 21:33
VidalukoVetNo, with the normal playing is fine, I just got it, and I`m just 8hrs in the game, and I let my squad shoot too, maybe if you want to earn all weapons achievements in 1 play you can make your squad go to cover....
Posted by VidalukoVet on 27 Mar 09 at 00:48
Shinerbock88Using Overkill also generates less heat allowing you to be trigger happy. Woohooooo!
Posted by Shinerbock88 on 08 Dec 09 at 20:41
InugamiTheHoundis it possible to get this achievement if your character can't use assault rifles???
Posted by InugamiTheHound on 20 Dec 09 at 02:45
Crimson Drifternot directly, I believe once you finish the game and start another playthrough you can put a weapon mastery on your character which will allow them to use a certain weapon. I can't remember exactly to be honest, can anyone deny or confirm?
Posted by Crimson Drifter on 20 Dec 09 at 16:49
GizmoScrivAlso helps to go to Pinnacle Station (if you've got the DLC) to grind out some kills if you aren't getting them in normal battle
Posted by GizmoScriv on 22 Jan 10 at 23:05
QuarantaneFirst one of these (and only so far) that I have. I have 14 hours of gameplay, but I haven't even done the second storyline planet, I've been grinding through the assignments.

I haven't finished a playthrough yet so I can't confirm or deny that.
Posted by Quarantane on 03 Mar 10 at 16:17
Solario32Assault rifle overkill helps speed up those kills nicely.
Posted by Solario32 on 31 Oct 11 at 15:47
Vorpal SmilodonAwful solution, doesn't help at all
Posted by Vorpal Smilodon on 02 Feb 12 at 04:33
Crimson DrifterCan you tell me why its awful? It seemed to have helped 25 people...
Posted by Crimson Drifter on 03 Feb 12 at 16:22
BiG PaPa ChIlLYou need to specify to be a soldier. Correct me if I'm wrong but unless you have applied the weapon mastery your character can still use the assault rifle, but it is impractical to use.
Posted by BiG PaPa ChIlL on 20 May 12 at 21:22