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True Identity

Use the Xbox Live Vision to create a character with your appearance.

True Identity0
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Czech FalconCzech Falcon454,641
29 Dec 2008
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Making your characters face can be extremely difficult as the game has a hard time rendering the image unless it is perfectly snapped.

- When taking your front photo, make sure your chin touches the bottom line of the red box, and the top of your head/hair touchs the top line of the red box

- Move forwards/backwards to compensate for the size of your head!

- Change the brightness so that there is enough light but not much darkness, but don't make it too bright as it will distort the colours.

- When taking the side photo, just immediately turn your head to the left and snap - I found this worked 9/10 times when using the face-renderer.

- Wait for about 3 minutes and it will either tell you something is wrong with one of the photos or that it's done.

- Now bin the result after getting the achievement because it will no doubt look horrid! :p

I know mine did.
WoadhouseHi. I was just wondering if this achievement can work with a normal USB webcam or does it have to be the Xbox live vision cam? Thanks.
Posted by Woadhouse on 16 Jun 09 at 13:20
Digital GungnirI'm almost positive it will only work with the Xbox live vision camera. The easiest way to obtain the camera is go to your local Gamestop and buy a USED one. Gamestop has a seven day return policy with used items where you can get your money back.

Unlock the achievement and then return that camera within the next couple days.

(Its probably best to buy an easy achievement game such as King Kong or Avatar so your not going to and from that hellhole of a store for only one achievement. Make sure its USED that way you can get your cash back)
Posted by Digital Gungnir on 24 Jun 09 at 04:19
J4mstrHaha, the hardest part about this achivement is getting the damn camera :P
Posted by J4mstr on 29 Aug 09 at 11:47
CraziestSockthis achievement is hard to get i spent 2 hours last night trying to get it and no achievement.
Posted by CraziestSock on 04 Dec 09 at 13:06
Foxfire49What a bullshit achievement basically making you buy the vision camera if you want to get it...
Posted by Foxfire49 on 24 Mar 11 at 18:45
Agree with Foxfire49. These types of achievements are absolutely pointless.
Posted on 31 Mar 11 at 11:54
NeilCrosbyIt's worth mentioning that if you've already created an appearance you'll have to bin it and start again to get this achievement.
Posted by NeilCrosby on 14 May 11 at 00:09
willow vecan't believe i bought the vision cam just for this and RSV1 ... but then again it does feel great to have this game at 100%

by the way, took me about 7 tries before it got a picture it could use. just keep trying. for me, a good tip was making sure your entire face is in bright light : i put a floor lap behind the camera and that way there were no crazy shadows on my face, over my eyes, etc.
Posted by willow ve on 30 Jul 11 at 01:34
PHARREAL87any idea of other ways to get this achievement with out the vision cam? kinect? etc?
Posted by PHARREAL87 on 15 Aug 11 at 22:27
LovePuff v2I can't believe there is a guide for something so simple... I mean, the guide is IN the description of the achievement... When I saw this achievement had guides, I just HAD to read them... If someone isn't capable of getting an achievement then they really, really, shouldn't be gaming.
Posted by LovePuff v2 on 21 Aug 11 at 08:01
PHARREAL87lovepuff, let me know how to get this without an xbl vision camera
Posted by PHARREAL87 on 22 Aug 11 at 15:49
Pablo315@ Lovepuff, the guys are mostly trying to get this without buying the XBL cam. I think you are being a little hard on them. I did this today with a used $5.00 Microsoft cam. No other USB method seems to work. It was actually pretty funny to see my 11 year old nephew (who posed lol) playing as Bishop in terrorist hunt. Still a necessary but totally forgettable cheevo for the 100%.
Posted by Pablo315 on 30 Aug 11 at 23:00
QuarantaneQuarantane I haven't played this game in months and decided to read through all of the achievements, and the guides....this is the last posted one, and I can honestly say that before reading through this I was thinking "You know, I should give this game a second chance, getting 100% might be fun"

Now, it's more like "About 98% might be fun, with another wasting time, money, and gas in order to get an accessory I have never even though of wanting"

This is the kind of achievement that adds nothing to the game, nor anything that can be appreciated as an attempt. What a waste of space for another achievement they could have added, such as "Complete a terrorist hunt mission on realistic without dieing" or something at least challenging, or appreciative.
Posted by Quarantane on 17 Oct 11 at 02:45
lightsup55Had to purchase a camera just for this achievement. I sold my old camera (brand new at the time) before Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 was released.
Posted by lightsup55 on 04 Dec 11 at 21:46
The Elven JediHow do 30% of the players have this vision cam?!?! Was this product really popular at one point? Is it just really inexpensive? Or did that many people seriously go out and "rent" it just for this one achievement?... And why would 25% of the players of this game go out and buy this if they're not going to be getting 100% completion anyway?...

PM me if you have any theories!
Posted by The Elven Jedi on 17 Feb 12 at 06:16
Scary MarcusCan you just use a Kinnect camera?
Posted by Scary Marcus on 04 Mar 12 at 10:52
swillis93No has to be vision cam. Can pick them up pretty cheap now thougg
Posted by swillis93 on 14 Apr 12 at 17:36
Czech FalconI'm pretty sure you can pick up a vision cam for about $15, or £6.

Elven Jedi - I'm pretty sure the camera came in an xbox bundle. I got mine from a friend.
Posted by Czech Falcon on 16 Apr 12 at 11:15
Hooded Claw 006Picked up a XBox Live Vision for £2 from Game a couple of weeks ago just to get this achievement! Lol!
Posted by Hooded Claw 006 on 07 May 12 at 16:47
PrimeBigTimeThese cameras used to be popular because they could be used with a lot of board games to see the other players. They also allowed web chatting, way before skype, etc. All my buddies and I got these and thought they were cool, for about a week.
Posted by PrimeBigTime on 06 Sep 12 at 01:41
ZZRsyi got my camera with the movies game for £5 but that was like 3 years ago. plus it works with more games ie burnout paradise
Posted by ZZRsy on 14 Oct 12 at 13:01
matdanDamn these things are extinct now.
Posted by matdan on 04 Nov 12 at 06:51
S4LUT3t0LUN4CYGetting my Xbox camera through eBay from someone who got it for the achievements lol, RBSV and RBSV2, 2 achievements and then its going back on eBay, hopefully I get my money back plus some change
Posted by S4LUT3t0LUN4CY on 08 Jun 13 at 20:37
S4LUT3t0LUN4CYGetting my Xbox camera through eBay from someone who got it for the achievements lol, RBSV and RBSV2, 2 achievements and then its going back on eBay, hopefully I get my money back plus some change
Posted by S4LUT3t0LUN4CY on 08 Jun 13 at 20:38
EchelonSixGot my hands on such a camera. Whatever it was that spawned in the game.... it wasnt me and it looked disturbing laugh
Posted by EchelonSix on 14 Jan 20 at 12:18
Czech FalconI know exactly what you mean!
Posted by Czech Falcon on 19 Jan 20 at 11:32
AbaddonPRI got this achievement back when the game came out. Then I got bored and got different celebrities pictures in my laptop. It was a pain in the back, but I managed to get The Rock, Obama, Jessica Alba, Trump, Pennywise to name a few. Mila Kunis (current face). The side of face doesn't have to be from the same person as the front. Just someone similar.
I'm not sure if it can be done on Xbox One but I dust off my 360 every time I feel like getting aggravate.
Posted by AbaddonPR on 06 Sep 20 at 02:21
J ROLL 1998is it still possible to get this? i never owned a vision camera and dont know if theres an equivalent for xbox one.
Posted by J ROLL 1998 on 22 Apr 21 at 17:40
GTAmissions1If you can play it on the Xbox 360, it is possible. But if playing on the Xbox One, it won't give that option. Especially since it was my final achievement for this game years ago.

There are still some listings on eBay regarding the vision camera. I know, it is ridiculous shelling out money for one or maybe two if you count Rainbow Six Vegas which also has the True Identity achievement too.
Posted by GTAmissions1 on 25 Apr 21 at 02:51
lightsup55@J The Altruist

If you are playing on Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S, then this achievement is discontinued for you. This is due to the fact that the hardware accessory is not supported by the emulator on next-gen Xbox consoles (i.e. it can't access physically connected Xbox 360 hardware).

If you have an Xbox Live Vision Camera and any of the following Xbox 360 console types:
- Xbox 360 (2005)
- Xbox 360 Slim (2010)
- Xbox 360 E (2013)
... Then you can still unlock the True Identity achievement.

This applies to the first game (Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas) in the series and the German (DE) regional release which have the same achievement:
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six VegasTrue IdentityThe True Identity achievement in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas worth 60 pointsUsed the Xbox Live Vision to create a character with your appearance

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 (DE)True IdentityThe True Identity achievement in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 (DE) worth 57 pointsUse the Xbox Live Vision to create a character with your appearance.
Posted by lightsup55 on 25 Apr 21 at 03:28
TREX1979Just got this Feb 5 2022 - Found out my buddy had this vison cam :-)
Posted by TREX1979 on 05 Feb at 07:56
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Posted by sephirot32 on 28 Mar at 23:38