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Battle Hardened

Won 20 Arcade Mode Levels.

Battle Hardened0
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29 Dec 2008
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The basics of one arcade game is simply:

1. Defeat 4 enemies
2. Exit the area (you'll have to see the load screen).
(Some areas, like some of the doors in the main tent in Big Top, doesn't need these screens)

If you don't want to continously load the previous file without saving, wait with this achievement until you get acess to act II:

1. Pick easy difficulty. It's simply faster.

2. Pick one area you prefer in act I or II. I recommend Valley of Spirits since there are so many enemies that only need one hit there.

3. Take down four enemies

4. Exit the area

5. Either take take four enemies on that side of the exit or just return back.

6. If all enemies are defeated go to another area in the act you prefer.


if you want to continue in the same area, (especially after all enemies in all areas are defeated) visit the other act and enemies in the first act will respawn.

7. After 80 enemies you should be done.

A note:
If you visit all areas in Atlantis enemies will respawn without you having to switch acts. Some of the enemies there need special finishing moves, so the area can be a bit frustrating.
PapaTheHutI got the 15 in a row awhile ago, and I haven't got the 20 yet. I'm pretty sure I'm doing exactly what I did in the past, but it's just not coming up. Any suggestions?
Posted by PapaTheHut on 20 May 10 at 21:57
GAMBIT350Having same ach for 25 levels with another characters but it won't unlock for 20 arcade levels
Posted by GAMBIT350 on 18 Aug 13 at 20:11
JAYMATiKFor the two comments above, from comments from the 100 arcade wins solution, if you die the game resets your arcade win total back to the last save point, so if this is your first arcade experience, that will be zero. My advice would be to save your game at 10 or 20 win intervals. I went to the fridge for a beer after the consecutive 15 wins, died, and had to redo 20 wins for this achievement. Use a flying character, must faster.
Posted by JAYMATiK on 26 Jan 14 at 02:34
HITMAN23DBThis achievement along with teh master didn't pop for me. I used the same method and ended up getting the destroyer achievement. Tried clearing cache and deleting game info but that didn't work. Next attempt will be on another box.
Posted by HITMAN23DB on 08 Feb 14 at 19:47
SIDEAURAJOHI have a problem here, I got The Destroyer achievements tht we need Won 100 Arcade Mode Levels but doesn't get Battle Hardened achievements yet. is it weird? im coriuos still dunno how to resolve this till now. anyone can help this? thx
Posted by SIDEAURAJOH on 20 Apr 14 at 18:00
SIDEAURAJOHi got Battle Hardened cheevo now, I just try this way, I play offline in other xbox (bcuz i have same gt at tht xbox) so start new game with zero cheevo n then do same routine till I got 20 arcade win (15 game score) and plus with other cheevo tht total 130 game score. after tht I login to xbox live tht I bring with cheevo 1080 game score from other xbox tht i got a problem b4. so when im in xbox live I saw my cheevo chance to 1095 with Battle Hardened cheevo also included there.
Posted by SIDEAURAJOH on 21 Apr 14 at 09:21