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You Win Some, You Three Some

Third times's the charm!

You Win Some, You Three Some0
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31 Aug 2014 25 Sep 2014
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This achievement is for launching the app 3 times.

You will need to open the app then press your cn_guide button to go back to the home screen, press the cn_back button and quit the app.

You can then launch it again, repeat this 2 times and this achievement is yours.
Dr Tinus NLThis does not work for me, i've opened the app about ten times, my progress is still on 33%
Posted by Dr Tinus NL on 11 Jun 17 at 11:15
SpilnerI had the same with another app so i think its related to the console update we've had changing how apps launch
Posted by Spilner on 11 Jun 17 at 11:35
MetalheadRR3Yup this app is busted.
Posted by MetalheadRR3 on 13 Mar 18 at 06:18