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11 Apr 2010 14 Oct 2013
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To start, if you're one of the lucky people to have bought GH5 around the time it first came out, you may have gotten a copy of Van Halen for free. While free is good, you may want to do some research before you pop it in on your main profile.

Single Player music

Not much going on here, just Quick Play as usual, or you can kick it up in Career Mode. This mode starts you out in the "Intro", where you get to watch a bad reinactment of Van Halen play Eruption before the first song Panama begins. Actually playing the song Eruption shows the finger placement better than in this short clip, and if you look at his hand, it's an absolute mess. You'll see what I mean when you start. Anyways, after Panama gets done, you'll play the only encore song of the game, Runnin' with the Devil. After that, you will get an achievement (yay!) and will be prompt to name your new band. I sugest naming it Van Halen, as this nets you an easy 5G. Next it follows the simple pattern of Guest Artists, Van Halen, Guest Artists, Van Halen, and so on, untill the last two setlists, which are both Van Halen setlists. Also in the last setlist, you play as "Classic Van Halen", which is the classic versions of each band member. Once you play one of these songs as a "Classic Outfit", you'll get another achievement for each band member. You also get an achievement for beating a guest artists song as either Eddie, Alex, or Dave. Nothing special happens after you beat Career by beating all of the setlists. One good thing, the difficulty achievements are stackable.

Single Player Score - 7/10

Multiplayer toast

Multiplayer Career works exactly the same as single, except with one or more band members. With GH5 being more popular, the online will most likely be dead within a few months. You don't have the same ability to have multiple people playing one instrument like in GH5, which is a big no-no for me. Failed IMO. It makes sense though, as Van Halen didn't have, say, 4 drummers, or 3 guitarists and a vocalist. He had a drummer, bassist, vocalist, and himself, the guitarist. There are a few achievements that require a full band (4 people), like playing a song, 100% a song, and playing a song as Eddie, Alex, and Wolfgang, and getting 800,000 points on "Hot for Teacher", among others. Guitar Hero 5 has better multiplayer, so I think I'll pass, unless I'm in the mood to belch out "Jump", or jam on guitar to "The End of Heartache"

Multiplayer Score - 5/10

Achievements clap

This is probably the worst set of achievements in the history of Guitar Hero and/or Rock Band. 490 points alone are tied in with playing on Expert. Another 100 or so are tied to multiplayer only achievements, so invite your friends to play some hour long setlists to get all of the achievements. Not only is 5 staring guitar on Expert the biggest of the four, you have to also 5 star drums, vocals, and bass, each in order of how many points you get (vocals are definately harder than guitar, but also has a shorter setlist). On top of that, you have to beat Expert +, and beat the game with each instrument. So if you're just starting in on Guitar Hero with the GH5 bundle, and you don't have the other instruments, be prepared to fork out $100 or so to get a drumkit, or you'll miss out on a good chunk of points (280 to be exact) The only fun achievement worth getting, IMO, is I Have a Sound System, which is 5G for naming your band Van Halen. Also the Career achievements are stackable, meaning if you start out on expert, you'll get the achievements for beginner up to expert when you beat all the songs.

Achievements Score - 2/10

Overall compute

This game is a great game for Van Halen fans and casual gamers, sporting such classics as "Jump", "Runnin' with the Devil", "Pretty Woman", and "Eruption". If you're after gamerscore, however, don't go looking to this game. 50% of the achievements make up 85%-90% of the gamerscore, and these aren't your cookie cutter achievements. These are score champs, 5 star's, and 100% completions. If you're looking for a good game, buy this immediately (or receive free with your purchase of GH5 bundle). If your sniffing this out like a hungry cheevo dog, consider this rat poison unless you've got Expert skills at every instrument!

Overall Game - 6/10

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dudecrazy108Thumbs up. Good review.
Posted by dudecrazy108 on 11 Apr 10 at 18:11
arasmaPositive vote, only grammar nazi here, you spelt career wrong on multiplayer, purely superficial misake but meh, I also think 2/10 is a bit harsh for achievements, sure they're hard, but thats why its called an achievement right?
Posted by arasma on 12 Apr 10 at 11:59
Negative ZZThanks, made the changes. Actually I spelt it right the first time, guess I didn't spell check myself correctly.

Also I gave the achievement's a 2 because almost half of the gamerscore is tied to Expert only gameplay, which restricts people who can't play at expert level from getting much of the gamerscore.
Posted by Negative ZZ on 12 Apr 10 at 15:33
Lazy Snarfgreat thumps up if i didnt read this review i would of bought this
Posted by Lazy Snarf on 13 Apr 10 at 23:57
RaisukaiVery well written review, lots of truth spoken here. Sad to see that they expected so much out of people achievement-wise. :/ You have to be incredible to complete this game, or have friends who are good at specific things and don't mind helping you.... lol Thumbs up.
Posted by Raisukai on 21 Apr 10 at 16:41
HazeMonsterF THIS GAME!!!!!! They should have made GH Dragon Force!!!!! at least i wouldn't be upset about not being able to get most of the cheevz. Seriouly though, the setlist is terrible, the cheevs are astounding, and i can think of a 100 bands more deserving of a GH title in their name! EF YU Van Halen and EF YU Activision!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by HazeMonster on 25 Apr 10 at 00:55
InstantmashGreat review, shocking achievements, and lets be honest, thats why we're here, but for anyone thats interested, i just started metallica, and it's a good game in comparrison, good setlist, and good achievements, also, am i the only one who only knows one van halen song, jump, i'm 25 as well, i'm not a child, maybe they should make a guns and roses gh instead
Posted by Instantmash on 03 May 10 at 20:55
nickb2819Great review. You pointed out the good aspects of the game as well as the the bad ones. Thumbs up
Posted by nickb2819 on 21 Jun 10 at 06:16
NathAttackGood review, although I disagree about this game having a "bad" achievement list. Bad =/= hard. The game asking you to five-star careers on Expert is a good thing... Achievements that are just handed to the player tend to make a boring list.
Posted by NathAttack on 26 Aug 10 at 20:20
Negative ZZIt's not the fact that they're hard. It's the fact that half of the points require to be on Expert, and most casual gamers and other non hardcore rhythm game players can't play past hard. I like hard achievements myself but some of them in VH are just ridiculous.
Posted by Negative ZZ on 26 Aug 10 at 21:25
WornOutSmilesI really like this review. I love this game, but somethings I hate about it. Despite it's flaws, however, I thought a band related game involving Van Halen would be more popular, but the MP says otherwise. I agree with the achievements being bad in a way, but also disagree. I know some can't play on hard, but surely if they go for the achievements on this and succeed; they will truly feel as though they have accomplished something, right? Too much is skill related though! Maybe they should have made all the 5 star achievements worth less and then put some more intermediate achievements in the game? Just "Passing" Eruption on guitar would be an accomplishment in itself, let alone 5 starring it.
Anyway, good review and thumbs up :-)
Posted by WornOutSmiles on 24 Mar 11 at 01:44
Big EllWorst grammar nazis ever. You put your instead of you're at least three times. And worst of all, you suggested not playing the game on your main tag because it's difficult? What does that say about the games that ARE on your tag then, that they are all easy? I'm so impressed!
Posted by Big Ell on 14 Oct 13 at 19:30
Negative ZZNoted, and fixed! And no, I have tons of crazy games on my tag that aren't even close to easy.
Posted by Negative ZZ on 14 Oct 13 at 20:44