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Crash Addict!

Be the Crash Master and win 40 crash events online!

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11 Apr 2010 17 Oct 2017
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*** SERVER SHUTDOWN IMMINENT: EA has scheduled the Burnout Revenge servers for shutdown on October 24th, 2017. ***

** NOTE: EA shut down the servers for this game in April of 2012, but brought them back up - without announcement - in May of the same year. Thanks to all the commenters that kept us updated for five years as the servers continued operations! **

I realize most everyone that is going to get this achievement already has it, but for those about to plug away at it and planning on boosting with a partner:

1) Set up a crash party with another person.
2) Set the number of rounds to 10 (max).
3) Make sure you both select the same car.
4) Walk away from the controllers.
5) After all ten rounds, hit start a couple times as required to start over.

After four matches, both of you will pop the achievement. Both people should wind up getting the same number of dollar damage on each crash event. Each round counts as a win; on a tie, both players get the win. So forty rounds later, ping!

Couple of notes:
- It shouldn't matter which map (intersection) you choose, since neither of you is touching the controller you should get identical damage. However, I only tested this on the same intersection over and over - Drain Damage. So if you're not tying, try that.
EDIT: LearFool, in the comments below, mentions he had problems tying on Drain Damage. That wasn't my experience, but his suggestion of Swiss Roll sounds like a very good one. You might start there; I like the fact that the crash begins so fast. Thanks to LearFool for the find.

- Multiple people should be able to do this as easily as two, but I only tested it with two people.
EDIT: Brucey B Cool's comment below indicates that he was, in fact, able to get the achievement for six people in a maxed-out lobby with everyone tying on each round. Nice!

Happy Boosting.
SeMi KiDthanks man. i'm trying it right now. and it says you unlocked the achievement so i'm going to trust you on this.
Posted by SeMi KiD on 08 May 10 at 03:11
forced2changeI can verify that this works. I used this method with one other person and it unlocked for both of us.
Posted by forced2change on 22 Aug 10 at 05:07
Team BretherGreat solution, saved loads of time! for those wishing to do this, it takes approx. 1hr 20 mins from start to finish
Posted by Team Brether on 24 Apr 11 at 20:14
LearFoolGood guide but we found that random tracks and Drain Damage, in particular, do not give the same amount of damage to each person (not touching the controller). So we went with Swiss Roll which has the advantage of crashing into a wall quickly if you do nothing.
Posted by LearFool on 18 Jun 11 at 19:46
CheckSeasongot it.....very lame achievement
Posted by CheckSeason on 14 Jul 11 at 20:29
InsaneFlameWorks a treat, thanks. Saved us half the time.
Posted by InsaneFlame on 01 Aug 11 at 19:56
Master FunkyTomI'v found that it is win 40 Turns not rounds whilst iv been helping a fellow gamer
Posted by Master FunkyTom on 17 Mar 12 at 21:11
PuckJunkieMaster FunkyTom, could you clarify? My recollection is that you set up a match, and in each map there are rounds. You can set the number of rounds to a maximum 10 and get 40 of them in 4 matches. I don't know what a "turn" is in this context, so if you could distinguish between a turn and a round it would help me understand your comment.
Posted by PuckJunkie on 18 Mar 12 at 17:14
PuckJunkieSorry, the Multiplayer menu's local-only events do not count toward this achievement. You have to choose the online events from the Xbox Live menu. It would be nice if local events counted so the EA server shutdown didn't prevent you from getting the achievement, wouldn't it?
Posted by PuckJunkie on 20 Mar 12 at 01:32
Brucey B CoolThis is brilliant guide. We used the sweet rolls method with all six players in the lobby so if you wanted you could edit the solution to say it works with a maxed out multiplayer lobby.
Thumbs up!
Posted by Brucey B Cool on 20 Mar 12 at 12:57
PuckJunkieThanks for the tip, Brucey. Edited!
Posted by PuckJunkie on 22 Mar 12 at 17:59
OzzysShadyDiscoJune 26, 2012 - the servers are currently running, so get this now if you want it. Great solution, thanks!
Posted by OzzysShadyDisco on 26 Jun 12 at 21:50
Captain AnimalServers still up today.
Posted by Captain Animal on 17 Aug 12 at 13:34
X3nomorph83servers still up !!!
Posted by X3nomorph83 on 04 Feb 13 at 00:33
HyruleBalverineServers still up
Posted by HyruleBalverine on 01 Feb 15 at 03:41
Dacius DeciumServers still up!!
Posted by Dacius Decium on 13 Apr 15 at 02:29
Manb3arSquirrelServers still up.
Posted by Manb3arSquirrel on 09 Apr 16 at 23:43
SnakefanSolid1Servers still up and excellent guide clap
Posted by SnakefanSolid1 on 21 Jul 17 at 20:14
InfinityOnH1ghSo win 40 individual turns? As in, getting the high score for one crash nets you one win?
Posted by InfinityOnH1gh on 12 Aug 17 at 01:33
PuckJunkieYes. Each round is a win.
Posted by PuckJunkie on 13 Aug 17 at 01:11
beerthirstJust an update before the servers go down I found the Swiss roll works perfectly.
Posted by beerthirst on 09 Oct 17 at 10:41
LeoHaarzI need a boost partner. If anyone here is interested, PM me please.
Posted by LeoHaarz on 16 Oct 17 at 17:53