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Acquire all medals for every story mission in the game

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03 Sep 2014
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I made a checklist for my personal use and saw no reason not to share it. Yes, the game does keep track of this for you, but I find it easier to have all the information on hand rather than having to check every mission to see what I need to accomplish and what those objectives are.

To use the sheet, download it from here (File>Download):
This document contains all the missions, the difficulty, medal requirements, and a checklist for you. Instructions are on the sheet but I will take any questions you have here!

Tho Radia already covered the methods to best gain these medals so I'll just give you a breakdown so you know what to expect. There are 76 medals in the game to earn, with 3 per mission. Medals do not need to be earned all at once, nor is it recommended in some cases. Quite a few of these will be easier the higher level your dragon is, so if you're having trouble early on come back later when your dragons are more powerful.

17 medals require you to earn a certain mission rank
------8 are for B or higher
------3 are for A or higher
------6 are for S
------"The Truth Will Out" has only these, meaning an S rank will earn you all 3 medals
13 medals require you score a certain kill rate
------3 are for 50% or higher
------4 are for 70% or higher
------6 are for 90% or higher
------"Strength in Numbers" has 70% and 90%, meaning getting 90% or higher will earn you 2 medals
14 medals require you to score a certain amount of points
------6 are for 30,000 or higher
------4 are for 50,000 or higher
------4 are for 90,000 or higher
12 medals require you to defeat all of a particular enemy type in a level
------2 for all Ger-Anoth (jellyfish)
------1 for all Glyrin (giant crab)
------1 for all Hestrine (short-necked dragon)
------1 for all Neonosaur (rainbow sprites)
------1 for all Orkinuss (whales)
------2 for all Raging Dragon Eel-K (lava eel)
------4 for all Vespin (bugs). 2 are for Vespin and 2 are for Raging Vespin
8 medals require you to take no damage
6 medals require you to complete the mission without a Wingman
5 medals require you to collect specific drops

------1 is for an Ampoule: LIFE&MIND (the game states + but I earned it with an L&M ++)
------4 are for Evolution Seeds. 1 is a Golden Tosca Seed, 1 is an Ultimate Seed, and 2 are Golden Vespin Seeds
3 medals require you to collect all beacons.