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Threw 500 enemies off a ledge.

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29 Dec 2008 31 Aug 2009
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There are also some spots in the story where this is possible:

In the opening area of Mephisto's Realm there are five trials you have to do before entering the next area. And enemies keep respawning in most of these trials until you have achieved the goal.

My choice is where you have to kill some demons in a center circle to continue.

Instead just throw them off the ledge. The easiest is to do this with two characters in Arcade, but kill off the other one, and keep it in backup if you mess up. If you play normally with four there is a chance that the others kill the demons before you get to throw them off. Plus you don't have to think about that the other characters can be possessed.

Easiest with the buffiest characters. Hulk or Colossus.

The plusside here is that the enemies don't carry weapons and can be quickly tossed off the cliff.

The backside is that it is boring beyond belief to do this in the same location for almost two hours. (They move slowly)
Thestas1I went the way of Albajos. Since I went 3 times on easy, med, and hard, I loaded up a team with people I had yet to unlock outfits for. It takes one throw to kill those leapers so you can get to 175 kills pretty fast, kill that hero, and work on the next. Work on like 5 acievements simultaniously.
Posted by Thestas1 on 06 Jan 09 at 23:45
Amigo NLYes, Mephisto's Realm is the best way to do this.
Posted by Amigo NL on 17 May 09 at 01:31
StaticDynamiteI got it in the battle vs. Galactus. I was carrying an enemy (as Colossus) and Galactus grabbed me and glitched. He remained stuck until I triggered the 3 consoles, so I took this time to throw his minions continually off the ledges. They re-spawned every time I killed one.

Also I used Spider Man's web warrior ability, if you hold it for a couple seconds you can fling people very far.
Posted by StaticDynamite on 04 Aug 09 at 13:36
CKinALthis is the location i did it, if you stand right by the spawn point it won't take longer than 30-45 minutes. boring still non-the-less
Posted by CKinAL on 31 Aug 09 at 18:00
Leo AscendentDo you know if this carries across playthroughs? Or if it has to be done in one game?
Posted by Leo Ascendent on 08 Apr 10 at 00:24
albajosI would be very suprised if it carries over, since it isn't really many stats that do that to begin with.
Posted by albajos on 08 Apr 10 at 01:52
VoodooN88Definitely the sweet spot for this, during normal playthrough, standing at the initial shield extract point with the center pentagon north of you- go to the lower left trial. ( I think it's the closest)

Was using Colossus and was tossing an avg of 2-3 every 10 seconds (sometimes I tried to grab them to soon after they dropped from the spiked rings)

Honestly I was looking more to lvl up some instead of getting the achievement at that point It is a very good spot for that as well.. but once you complete it :/.. I don't think there is another spot in the game that works quite as well.
Posted by VoodooN88 on 15 Apr 10 at 18:21
snorlax789I think that this carries over playthroughs. I got it last night in my second playthrough of the game, and I definitely had not thrown 500 guys off a ledge during the second playthrough.
Posted by snorlax789 on 19 Jan 11 at 13:37
I don't understand this, there are no infinite enemies, been going for this and 4000 kills and arcade wins, I've gone through all the levels due to once killing them they don't come back, so the only enemies I can fight are in the sim discs....also I've won 126 rounds and only just got 20 wins....I hate this game now
Posted on 17 Aug 12 at 19:24
blood eruptionI found the easiest way is to do it here but with doctor strange, use levitation, you fling em off so fast....
Posted by blood eruption on 25 Oct 12 at 02:47
IDUKE NUKEM64Ican u not get this in arcade mode? i have probably thrown more ten 800 ppl over the ledge and nothing lol or do u have to do it with one character? or do u have to do it in campaign?? either way this achievement is annoying lol
Posted by IDUKE NUKEM64I on 01 Mar 13 at 16:45
IDUKE NUKEM64Invm just got it after unlocking 6 ppl's costumes which is more then 1050 ppl lol wtf
Posted by IDUKE NUKEM64I on 01 Mar 13 at 17:05