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Watch Gotham TV 10 times, save a Replay of a Race.

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29 Dec 2008
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Do a race of any kind and afterwards select the "watch replay" option. Save the replay. Now, go into Gotham TV from the main menu and select Gotham Heroes. Choose someone's race to watch. Once it starts, pause the game and choose to abandon the event. Do this 10 times total. You can watch the same race. It doesn't have to be 10 different races. Now, exit to your dashboard and then reload PGR3. When you get to the main menu the achievement will pop up. Happy Gaming!
GameTagwastakenYou can do it without saving a replay. I just went straight to gotham TV -> gotham heroes and unlocked the achievement before I ever even raced myself.
Posted by GameTagwastaken on 09 Feb 09 at 17:17
Szakal oOsame problem the heroes channel have no available feeds
Posted by Szakal oO on 17 Jul 09 at 09:53
WolfheartSpellSo... I've watched Gotham TV like 50 times already, had a replay saved, exited to dashboard, didn't get the achievement, turned the 360 off and turned it back on and still NADA! Anyone got any idea?
Posted by WolfheartSpell on 19 Sep 09 at 15:26
Vince989Just make sure you are watching Gotham Heroes races, the others didn't work for me either!
Posted by Vince989 on 19 Sep 09 at 18:20
Vince989Actually, even that didn't work for me... Could it be that now, you need to watch 10 WHOLE races? I can tell I've watched (entered) 10, and more than 10 others while going to main menu between races...
Posted by Vince989 on 20 Sep 09 at 23:58
WolfheartSpellNothing seems to work for more... Enter and leave Gotham Heroes... Tournament Movies... Watch full 'replays'.. Don't get it... Doesn't make sense...
Posted by WolfheartSpell on 21 Sep 09 at 22:17
nacdI did once as MorbidTorture wrote and no achievement. Then i deleted all pics/videos and started to watch "Gotham Heroes" on "Gotham TV" 10x times (just loaded video and watched it for about 10-15sec then "Abandom Event" and again watched same). After this i just did 1 race on Career Mode (i did solo one) and after race "watch replay" and then saved it. After all this just exit game to dashboard then started game again and got achievement right when main menu come up.
Posted by nacd on 25 Oct 09 at 15:15
DougSnow625Hey your solution should be updated as Gotham TV has been non-existent for the past month and no word from developers and has been flagged as discontinued. Don't have to remove your solution just add a note that it is now discontinued. Would be helpful!

Posted by DougSnow625 on 08 Nov 10 at 07:30
DougSnow625This is because it still can be unlocked offline if the online requirements have been previously met before the servers went down.
Posted by DougSnow625 on 13 Jul 15 at 23:14