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The End?

Enter an End Portal.

The End?0
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06 Sep 2014
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In order for you to enter an End Portal you need to find it located in a Stronghold within your world you will need a maximum of 12 Eyes of Ender to open the portal but all of them may not be required. To create an Eye of Ender it is an Ender Pearl (Dropped by Endermen) Blaze Powder so you will have to kill Blazes Located in a Nether Stronghold so go prepared. If you would like to do this in you world press LT with an Eye of Ender and it will float off in the direction of your Ender Portal but this can cause the Eyes to explode and dissapear.

On the other hand you can do it in the tutorial world where the Portal is at the co-ordinates:

X: 20
Y: 33
Z: 203

Assuming that the portal is in the same place for everyone. When you reach the portal Ender Eyes in hand place them in each of the frames. The portal will now fill in and you can jump in where you will be transported into The End.
Foxfire49Hmmm every time I have the Eye equipped I never have the option to throw it. And nothing happens when I use LT. Any suggestions?
Posted by Foxfire49 on 06 Sep 14 at 18:23
LordFightALot@Foxfire49 That means your world doesn't have a End Portal... It sucks, I know, I got it too in one of my older saves I transfered...
Posted by LordFightALot on 07 Sep 14 at 11:49
Foxfire49@Xbox One - Wow...fucking retarded. All my Diamond gear and enchants don't even matter now plus having to re-farm those Ender Pearls on a new game. Thanks for the explanation though man...
Posted by Foxfire49 on 07 Sep 14 at 12:34
FullMoonBeaverI will use this guide thanks. Sorry to hear about your world not having an End Portal. That has gotta hack you right off. Hope you can get it done soon.
Posted by FullMoonBeaver on 07 Sep 14 at 14:15
xElite ShogunThanks for the coordinates. I can't find a single endermen though.
Posted by xElite Shogun on 07 Sep 14 at 16:48
FullMoonBeaverThat's happening to me as well.
Posted by FullMoonBeaver on 08 Sep 14 at 07:26
WornOutSmilesHow come my eyes lead me to Bedrock every time? They take me to a Desert Biome to the exact same spot. Once I get to Bedrock and use a Eye Of Ender, they hover over the same piece of Bedrock EVERY time! Help =/ lol
Posted by WornOutSmiles on 09 Sep 14 at 00:12
WornOutSmilesMy seed is: 4589130667517976659 if anyone can have a look.
Posted by WornOutSmiles on 09 Sep 14 at 12:12
BiAcThunderSo, here is my problem. I finially found the stronghold and searched for the end portal for 1,5 hours and I couldn't find it. I have look through all the rooms twice and closed every room i had looked through to make sure i would not be confused. I read that some player did not find the end portal in one of the rooms and they actually had to dig for it, but i don't know if this glitch applys for the xbox one edition. Does anyone else have this problem?
Posted by BiAcThunder on 09 Sep 14 at 14:43
WornOutSmiles? I'm the same now. Couldn't find the Stronghold originally, so I used a dummy account and tested my seed in Creative Mode, where it took me about 30 minutes to find it with unlimited Eyes Of Ender (they pointed me about 10 blocks away).Now I'm in there, there's not much to see. Just a few rooms shut by Iron Doors (3 or 4), a Library area, couple stair sets and a hallway in the middle with 4 torches. Spent 2 hours looking!
Posted by WornOutSmiles on 09 Sep 14 at 19:15
Muscat95I think there may be a chance that room you're looking for with the End Portal is hidden but every Stronghold should have an End Portal and WornOutSmiles I created a world with your seed and found the Portal at exactly: X: -714 Y: 48 Z: 662
Posted by Muscat95 on 10 Sep 14 at 00:51
WornOutSmilesThank you so much :-)
Posted by WornOutSmiles on 10 Sep 14 at 08:46
BiAcThunderSo i finially found a way to find the end portal. I just did the x-ray glitch with the TNT and the minecart (you will find several videos on YouTube) and just looked around for a while and found it. It was actually totally isolated and i would never have found it without the glitch. Hope this helped anyone having the same problem as I :D
Posted by BiAcThunder on 10 Sep 14 at 19:53
Morbid TCif anyone has a built endportal and wants to kill the ender dragon with me id appreciate it! i dont want to go through all this trouble if someone has it built! :P
Posted by Morbid TC on 12 Sep 14 at 00:52
True MarvellousWhen I try to kill the Endermen in the tutorial they just teleport away and despawn, anyone else have this issue?
Posted by True Marvellous on 16 Sep 14 at 20:38
ArcobalenoZSame probleem :_(. Rally neer help
Posted by ArcobalenoZ on 25 Oct 14 at 20:47
ArcobalenoZSame probleem :_(. Really need help
Posted by ArcobalenoZ on 25 Oct 14 at 20:49
CRYPTICxPARADOXShoot me a msg and I will let you into my world for this cheevo..
Posted by CRYPTICxPARADOX on 07 Nov 14 at 09:37
MlKE8UTCHHey cryptic could I jump in you're world for the end?
Posted by MlKE8UTCH on 10 Nov 14 at 17:18
afourtysevenIs anybody willing to help me with this achievement. I haven't been able to find the end portal in my world and it's driving me crazy!!
Posted by afourtyseven on 11 Nov 14 at 17:00
Rainbow JumperI'd be sooper dooper grateful if someone could help me with this! (Far too lazy to do this by myself) Just send a message, thanks!
Posted by Rainbow Jumper on 01 Dec 14 at 01:44
Draco719Confirmed on Update 7 - on December 18th "Replaced the Tutorial World with a new world containing some new mini-tutorials for the new functionality."
Posted by Draco719 on 27 Dec 14 at 07:37
PunkxWad07Id be happy to help anyone with this. Ive located the portal just needs a few eyes to activate Semi functional blaze farm is no problem.

I can also help with rail since i have a full functioning system
Posted by PunkxWad07 on 19 Jan 15 at 15:58
KLZC3744co-ordinates for tutorial are X 39 Y 3Z 224
Posted by KLZC3744 on 26 Jan 15 at 10:48
PluckinChickinHi, there
I'm looking get these last 2 achievement quick so I can start a creative world, I need to kill the dragon and go through the portal. If you can help with this let me know

GT: PluckinChickin
Posted by PluckinChickin on 13 Feb 15 at 20:21
Bazzzinga87Hey can anyone help me with these 2 achievements please bazzzinga87
Posted by Bazzzinga87 on 08 Apr 15 at 14:51
Serretiantif anyone could help me get the end & the end? achievements that would be great maybe quickly like some other users on this chat i would appreciate it thanks my gamertag is ITALIANTHD
Posted by Serretiant on 11 May 15 at 16:56
NicholasTo the people who say that the endermen leave after hitting them, if you hit them with a fire weapon they disappear. Also, if you wear a pumpkin on your head they don't run away and its just like any other monster fight.
Posted by Nicholas#8183 on 07 Jun 15 at 22:57
RomanianSheepAnyone offering help with this? Would really appreciate it
Posted by RomanianSheep on 26 Jun 15 at 19:02
Kobe824MambaI need help getting this and the one to kill the Enderdragon. If anyone is willing to help, it'll be very appreciated.
Posted by Kobe824Mamba on 08 Jul 15 at 18:43
BigWorthlessBlackSoulDK's coordinates are incorrect fyi
Posted by BigWorthless on 10 May 16 at 04:37
LegendgenesisThe current tutorial has an End Portal at Coordinates X: 14, Y: 29, Z: 27, which is close to the starting point.
Posted by Legendgenesis on 05 Jun 16 at 02:53
JooeehHi All,

If anyone has this please add me on XBL or message me on here as my lil bro! needs this thanks
Posted by Jooeeh on 27 Jun 16 at 16:17
Thedoopooneed help with this and killing the enderdragon
Posted by Thedoopoo on 11 Dec 16 at 01:41
matthewiagIt changed coordinates lead to a large cave
Posted by matthewiag on 24 Dec 16 at 13:48
Speak79Can anyone please put up an update where the end portal is on the newest tutorial. As of 2-24-17
Posted by Speak79 on 24 Feb 17 at 13:36
TRN SwitchBladeIf anyone has an ender portal could you add me So I could get this achievement?
Posted by TRN SwitchBlade on 05 Mar 18 at 02:39
BerriBatIf anyone is looking for the end portal in the current version of the tutorial world, as of 4-4-2018, its at X: 169, Y:30, Z: 111. It's located partly in a ravine so be careful digging down.
Posted by BerriBat on 05 Apr 18 at 03:02
Maseralti+1 to comment above, it's there. I did have to fill up all 12 end slots with the eyes of ender though. In case you guys don't know, there is a village to the left as soon as you begin tutorial when you exit the area, next to the docks. You will find a villager in a purple robe that asks for 40 flesh or 8 gold ingots for emeralds (choose gold, just destroy gold blocks by elytra), then he wants 1 emerald for 2 other things, and after that he asks for 5 emeralds for 1 ender pearl. Just mine the emerald blocks at the elytra towers and there you have it.
Posted by Maseralti on 27 May 18 at 22:10
kegonomics+1 to RKH’s comment for buying Ender Pearls. I was able to buy 30 from the villager.

Edit: It also seems that every Villager with a purple robe is a Cleric Villager and sells the same things. I found another one just South-West of the tutorial area by the stone pig/chicken.
Posted by kegonomics on 29 Jul 18 at 19:41
TmoechampI have a world in survival can a make a new world with the same seed but have that world in creative. This would allow me to find the portal and see how many eyes of ender I need.
Posted by Tmoechamp on 29 Mar 20 at 18:43
ToastBubbledHope this helps. after reading the last two comments, and trying on the most recent (and most-likely last updated version of the tutorial) i have found the following :
RKH was correct, the close village has a purple clergy which helped me get a few ender eyes.but i needed more. i found another clegry in the desert village South East of spawn. not SW. coords:x200y 76z 340. following the eyes, i found the portal at x172, y33 z109. there were no eyes in the portal, you need all 12. i was short on blaze powder so i would recommend farming that first. good luck!
Posted by ToastBubbled on 04 May 20 at 22:34
ToastBubbledfollowing up on my last comment, if you need blaze powder like i did, there is a pre-build nether portal at x-240y94z203. once in, i found a blaze spawner not too far away at x75y72z42. alternatively, if you are starting a new tutorial world, just farm the respawning chest at the Potion room(stops working once you leave the area). im not sure how accurate these will be for everyone else but thats what worked for me. recommend full diamond loadout with enchantments to make it easy, and plenty of snacks
Posted by ToastBubbled on 04 May 20 at 22:56