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Deal nine hearts of damage in a single hit.

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06 Sep 2014 08 Sep 2014
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Start a new tutorial world, Press B to skip the tutorial on how to play and then run over to these coordinates;
X: -302
Y: 70
Z: 106
There will be a chest with a Iron sword with Smite V enchantment which increases damage to "undead" mobs (skeletons, zombies and zombie pigmen).
Now simply wait until night and kill a zombie or skeleton with the Smite V sword!
Extra: If your lazy like me and cant wait until night to get the achievement, there is a dungeon with a zombie spawner at these coordinates;
X: -41
Y: 60
Z: 8
Chinlock CityWorked perfectly, thanks!
Posted by Chinlock City on 06 Sep 14 at 21:18
HanxThere's no chest. You lied to me.
Posted by Hanx on 07 Sep 14 at 13:58
Winters Dragon7I went there but it wasn't smite V in the chest, it was sharpness III
Posted by Winters Dragon7 on 07 Sep 14 at 14:06
its only water i see no chest
Posted on 07 Sep 14 at 14:44
Ad1If anyone is having trouble with this, please message me on here or on xbox and I will more than happily help you get it :)
Posted by Ad1 on 07 Sep 14 at 15:09
MasterfriesYa only water no chest
Posted by Masterfries on 08 Sep 14 at 06:37
xLil SheWolfxok so is the chest in a cave, underwater or in the general area? All I can see is water, a cave with spider webs and the tower in the distance....and yeah can't find the chest either :(
Posted by xLil SheWolfx on 08 Sep 14 at 12:01
Ad1Seems a lot of people are struggling, make sure you go to MINUS 302, not just 302. It will be on top of a sand temple, as always I'm more than happy to help people who are still stuck smile
Posted by Ad1 on 08 Sep 14 at 14:18
xLil SheWolfxJust a hint maybe you could put a space because the minus sign is hard to see that's why I was getting lost lol
Posted by xLil SheWolfx on 08 Sep 14 at 14:33
Ad1Done smile
Posted by Ad1 on 08 Sep 14 at 14:35
xLil SheWolfxThanks, thumbs up from me. smile
Posted by xLil SheWolfx on 08 Sep 14 at 15:25
AaronDrunkGamesI also found this sword and decided to do a quick 1 minute guide, you can check it out here. smile
Posted by AaronDrunkGames on 08 Sep 14 at 20:18
Mr FaceL3ssperfect guide, worked like a charm, was quit the most stress full looking cheev for me clap
Posted by Mr FaceL3ss on 12 Sep 14 at 20:03
Dados92Grazie! ^^
Posted by Dados92 on 13 Sep 14 at 12:37
AxessWorks perfectly and very easy to follow!
Posted by Axess on 20 Oct 14 at 05:08
TwistedIfritGreat guide.
Posted by TwistedIfrit on 07 Dec 14 at 14:41
JackobeenoWith the newest update to the tutorial world this chest does not exist anymore or is not on top of the sand temple sorry to say.
Posted by Jackobeeno on 24 Dec 14 at 03:45
KennyannydennyLike Jacko said, the chest is not there anymore, the coördinates are now in the middle of the ocean.
Posted by Kennyannydenny on 27 Dec 14 at 13:00
Elder MartinThe sand temple is now located at x: - 233, z: 41, however the chest is no longer there. I recommend Biovate's solution.
Posted by Elder Martin on 03 Jan 15 at 02:36
smekkesI unistalled the updates, started up the tutorial offline, saved the game. Went back online and updated game, and loaded the save. And guide worked like a charm again. :)
Posted by smekkes on 10 Feb 15 at 20:21
CRT JEDIMARKYou need to update this, Solution No longer Valid. There is nothing but water in those coordinates, There is a sand temple off to the right but the coordinates are -229,70,44
Posted by CRT JEDIMARK on 05 May 15 at 05:41
GG NasakaVoy a esas coordenadas y lo único que veo es agua...
Posted by GG Nasaka on 22 May 15 at 00:30
Mr Reconnoiterit might be different for everyone but i did not see chest only water. thanks anyways
Posted by Mr Reconnoiter on 25 Aug 15 at 17:41