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Vanguard Honor

Attain Vanguard Rank 3.

Vanguard Honor0
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11 Sep 2014 28 Sep 2014
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Level 1 - Requires 1500 Vanguard Reputation
Level 2 - Requires 2000 Vanguard Reputation
Level 3 - Requires 2500 Vanguard Reputation - Confirmed by HolyHa1fDead

Vanguard Reputation is earned in the following:

Strike Playlist rewards +10 / +12 / +14 / +25 upon completion depending on level chosen.

Patrol Missions rewards +10 / +25 upon completion.

Weekly Heroic Strike rewards +150 / +250 / +400 upon completion depending on level chosen.

Vanguard Bounty rewards +50 / +100 upon completion.

Quickest possible solution is to complete all daily Bounty challenges and complete Patrol Missions.

Another heads up; If you have a factions bond, mark or cloak (ie from New Monarchy) all your reputation will go to leveling for their store and NOT go towards your vanguard level.

By completing the weekly nightfall strike you gain a 1.2x xp modifier, this also gives some extra rep for completing missions on patrol.
Xander ROHi,

I'm not sure I understand the last part, would you please explain?
So, if I equipped a Titan mark (Mark of the Chain/Mark of Diligence), my reputation doesn't add to my vanguard level?

If so, how can I change that, is it enough to just dismantle those titan marks?

Thanks man!
Posted by Xander RO on 12 Sep 14 at 07:41
SmidjIf you go to either: dead orbit, new monarchy or future war cult then buy and equip a mark from them it will level up their rank for you to buy gear from their shop instead of going towards your vanguard and crucible levels. If its a mark from anywhere else it won't make a difference as far as I know, hope that clears it up for you.
Posted by Smidj on 12 Sep 14 at 08:31
GoBlueFiddler13Where do you see your Reputation in game?
Posted by GoBlueFiddler13 on 12 Sep 14 at 14:45
SmidjAt the tower either go to the person you get your gear from after the first mission (straight ahead, down the stairs, past the crucible 'stores' and around the long table) or to the vanguard armory located in the shipyard. It is on left side of the screen once you engage with them, there is a circle of your reputation earned so far.
Posted by Smidj on 12 Sep 14 at 15:16
Posted by GoBlueFiddler13 on 12 Sep 14 at 21:05
HolyHalfDeadConfirmed that it is 2500 for Rank 3. I am nearly rank 3 in Dead Orbit. I can't believe only 2 gamers have this achievement, if I hadn't switched to Dead Orbit I would have this by now.
Posted by HolyHalfDead on 13 Sep 14 at 13:12
Calex dEUSThanks for letting us know this, I was wearing a future war cloak for ages not realising I wasn't getting vanguard ranks.
Posted by Calex dEUS on 13 Sep 14 at 17:25
Biathlon1992Have rank 3, no achievement
Posted by Biathlon1992 on 21 Sep 14 at 11:37
CatTullySo I had 2355/2500 for rank 3, did a 100point bounty and 5 patrols to finish. Achievement didn't pop and when I checked my vanguard rank it said rank 3 0/2500??
I got the package for levelling up my vanguard rank too.
Posted by CatTully on 24 Sep 14 at 21:29
dainja raasAw dammit , I've been slogging away with a poxy Dead Orbit cape on , gonna have to switch that .
Posted by dainja raas on 25 Sep 14 at 16:38
Scipio527Just hit Rank 3 with achievement pop. Signed out and back in twice. Still nothing. Achievement bugged maybe? :/
Posted by Scipio527 on 27 Sep 14 at 06:44
xxCATACLIZMxxSame problem with my rank as well. Signed in and out twice and nothing. Maybe I will try earning rep in another faction then switch back and do a bounty or something to see if it pops
Posted by xxCATACLIZMxx on 03 Oct 14 at 00:05
NAGAROTif achievement not pop go seting>log out>change profile (this same profile on achievement) and 99% unlock.
ps-more achievements are gliched in Destiny !!!
sorry for my english
Posted by NAGAROT on 15 Oct 14 at 21:22
Scary SuperstarThumbs up. Not directly relating to this but what's the requirement to receive a commendation? I've noticed that for some items you need Vanguard marks, a certain level and a commendation.
Posted by Scary Superstar on 05 Apr 15 at 11:42
Frigid ArcticGot to level 3 nothing popped. Got to it about a week ago. ughhhhh
Posted by Frigid Arctic on 27 Oct 15 at 15:19
HellsDelightdumb question, I currently have the Dead Orbit one under "Missions" in the Inventory. I can discard that one and regain it but I have no clue where to get the Vanguard version from?
Also when I go back to the Titan Vanguard Dealer I don't see how many reputation I currently have. Maybe it changed with the latest Updates / The Taken King?
Posted by HellsDelight on 10 Jan 16 at 16:45
The Elite NaxI can confirm that if you are having trouble the following method that NAGAROT suggested works for glitched achievements:

Press Start > Settings > Log Out > Switch Profile > Press A at menu > Select your profile > select the character with the Vanguard Rank 3+ and it should pop up
Posted by The Elite Nax on 15 Aug 16 at 00:00