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Collect at least one Player item from each team in Hockey Ultimate Team mode.

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thenixhex311thenixhex311This gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
12 Sep 2014 22 Sep 2014
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This will either take you a LOT of patience, or a LOT of coins, as well as luck, as you need to find a player item for each team in each league.

You can find a checklist here for Google Sheets to use to track your progress

The patient + Ultimate Edition method would probably be the easiest, as you would undoubtedly get a majority (hopefully at least) of cards to fill out most of the collection needs...and then after your 28 weeks of free HUT packs, go through and search for cheap players to fill in the missing spots.

Your other method is just to obviously just start dumping coins into each team/each league one by one until you reach the goal. This would pretty much be the only method available for non ultimate edition players who don't get the allotment of 'free' packs.

Needless to say, either way is a grind, with the 1st being slightly easier and more drawn out, but in the long run less costly. The only issue you are running into in both methods are NOT being able to find a player for a select team, which might be more of an issue with the first method as auction stock might be lower for obscure players as the game approaches 1/2 year from now.

Note that as of now it is damn near impossible to find ANY players online in the auction house for SHL, National, or Prospects...or when you do, its like the logo BS, where people are charging 20k+ for a freaking card.

Best of luck to all of you grinding this one out!
Viva La ChuckoHere's a checklist for NHL 15 kinda pointless though considering you need only ONE player from every team in the game.
Posted by Viva La Chucko on 13 Sep 14 at 02:54
StevannoIt'd be better if people weren't so stupid overpricing their cards. 90% of the players in the game outside the NHL should be above a 300 Buy Now, yet I'm seeing no names up for 20,000 ...

Buy packs and look cheap, take your time when doing this people cause wasting your pucks isn't the smartest way to get this done.
Posted by Stevanno on 14 Sep 14 at 15:20
thenixhex311I agree. I've noticed too that it might take quite a while to get (don't know how the 3 people managed to) but leagues like national, where you only need few players to complete collection, its been no items on the auction house for days
Posted by thenixhex311 on 14 Sep 14 at 17:20
DanHooliganI sold an Ovechkin for 750K coins and then just used that seed money to buy one player per team. I only spent over 1000 Coins on players twice. I got really lucky. The SHL players were the hardest to find. smile
Posted by DanHooligan on 14 Sep 14 at 18:05
Stevannomean't "shouldn't" before... cant seem to edit comment..
Posted by Stevanno on 14 Sep 14 at 21:32
StevannoIf you look through European leagues right now, La Chucko and/or La Trauma have listed crappy regular silvers for 20K each.... surely in an effort to keep their ratio high for this achievement. I mean seriously guys, no one's paying that much for a crappy player.
Posted by Stevanno on 14 Sep 14 at 22:07
DonKevaniBe aware that you don't need All-Star Teams, National Teams or Top Prospect Teams to get this achievement. You need a player from each of the "regular" clubs.

I got this using a total of about 45.000 coins to buy each player off the auction house.

Bronze players you should get for 100-300 coins.
Silver players expect 200-700 coins.
SHL players are particularly overpriced. I paid up to 2000 coins.

However, you can definitely get players from every team cheap if you check in regularly and have the patience to wait for a good deal.
Posted by DonKevani on 15 Sep 14 at 23:00
thenixhex311that should make it slightly easier, thanks!
Posted by thenixhex311 on 16 Sep 14 at 17:52
c36dWhat I have noticed is that a lot of the sellers are working more toward fire selling lower ranked players in order to build super teams for actual HUT use. I have the ultimate edition and it's really not that great. The days in a row counter constantly resets and the free packs arrive late with very few keep items anyway. So far the only two groups that are the most frustrating to fill is SHL and LIIGA. I myself am no fan of the HUT anyway and as soon as I unlock this I will more then likely dump all my cards for the minimum amount and never return to HUT again.
Posted by c36d on 21 Sep 14 at 17:48
WITHOUTAFILTER10 more cards left. So. Close!
Posted by WITHOUTAFILTER on 02 Oct 14 at 17:41
thenixhex311i hear that. I REFUSE to pay more than 300 coins for some of these Euro dudes.
Posted by thenixhex311 on 02 Oct 14 at 17:58
WITHOUTAFILTER2 cards left. After I get this chevo.. Im happy to trade or somehow get people my cards on this thread.
Posted by WITHOUTAFILTER on 06 Oct 14 at 19:38
thenixhex311have you been setting any minimum that you're willing to spend on a certain card? I've been TRYING to max spend 150 per non-NHL cards, and have been stuck with ~24 more to go (granted I havent tried to look as hard lately.

If you're willing to part with these, I'd gladly give you some coins for them:

-BK Mlada


-Lulea HF

-St. Johns
Posted by thenixhex311 on 06 Oct 14 at 19:47
JohnnyDrama HBOI've been getting pretty lucky opening the silver packs but the other players I need are way too expensive :(
Posted by JohnnyDrama HBO on 09 Oct 14 at 12:36
Ishtasy Di TomaTo anyone playing Maddens ultimate team, I'd be willing to part ways with cards for NHL ultimate if you're able to help with getting a 95 overall on Madden's ultimate so I can work on achievements as well.
Posted by Ishtasy Di Toma on 09 Nov 14 at 05:17
Chakaal StarrI need an Olomouc player in the extraliga if anyone has one
Posted by Chakaal Starr on 26 Dec 14 at 18:11
scottofdarwenAm I right in thinking the Logo or Jersey DONT count towards this cheevo ?? it needs to be players for each team ??
Posted by scottofdarwen on 06 Jan 15 at 13:35
thenixhex311yes, it is players ONLY
Posted by thenixhex311 on 06 Jan 15 at 14:23
scottofdarwen:-( . typical lol of well guess it will be a while before I get this cheevo .. Thanks bro
Posted by scottofdarwen on 06 Jan 15 at 16:54
YODA12320Ya you got some EIH teams mixed up.
Posted by YODA12320 on 01 Feb 19 at 21:40