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Skill Complete

Complete all Skills for any one character. Save data to unlock achievement.

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First off, full list of Skills:

01 Piercing Shot - Beam attacks cut trought enemies.
02 Leadership - All allied force´s fighting abilities increase.
03 Heat Up - Damage increases proportional to number of combo hits.
04 Spirit Surge - Mobile suit immune to power downs.
05 Sky Eye - Guard against attacks from all directions.
06 Small Giant - Advantage increase when fighting giant enemies.
07 Hate to Lose - Increases Attack for a short period of time whenever a duel is won.
08 High Magnetism - Generates a magnetic field that draws in enemy units surrounding you.
09 Barrage Shot - Increases number of penetrations when a Charge Shot 1 is fired.
10 Shock Wave - Release a powerfull shockwave when starting SP Attack.
11 Pilot Sense - Increased Pilot Point acquisition.
12 Range Enhance - Increased attack range with Melee.
13 Parry - Enemy Smash Hits will not be able to break you guard.
14 Customize - Increased item effect.
15 Ace Killer - Advantage increase when fighting enemy ace pilots.
16 KO - Enemy power-down status guaranteed with SP Attack.
17 Impulse - Release a destructive electrical shock by attacking enemies with SP Attack.
18 Damage Cancel - Impervious to a certain percentage of enemy attacks.
19 Fighting instinct - Decresase Defense, but prevents being knocked back by enemy shots.
20 Charisma - Amount of friendship increase from battles goes up.
21 Instant Hero - Battle ability increase proportional to weakness of Mobilite Suit piloted by player. (a must for any class 3)
22 Hight Tension - SP Attack always Hyper SP Attack.
23 Temptation - Advantage increase when fighting opposite gender enemy ace pilots.
24 Begginer`s Faux Pas - Lose ability to block attacks, but increases Attack.
25 Ace Pilot - Attack and Defense strength increase in relation to number of shot down enemies. (Maxes out at 1000 Kills giving +100% atk/def)
26 Overdrive - Combination SP Attacks enabled for single player.
27 Serene Mind - SP gauge always increases when depleted.
28 Jamming - Enemy fighting ability reduced.
29 Whorthy Opponent - Friendship level reduction minimal when shooting down enemy ace pilots.
30 Selft Suggestion - Swaps a pilot`s Melee and Shot ability.
31 One Man Army - Advantage increase when fighting large enemy groups.
32 School Master Asia - Increased attack strength when armor strength is low.
33 Moonrace - Temporary pilot stats increase for every 50 enemies destroyed.
34 Fortune - A large increase to the Pilot`s luck.
35 Head Shot - Charge Attack 1 shots can shoot down enemies with a single shot.
36 DG Cells - Increases damage received from enemy attacks by 50%, but gradually restores Armor.

Now, skills listed along with which suits you can learn them from:

01 Piercing Shot - Gundam, Hyaku Shiki, ZZ Gundam, Qubeley, MK 2 Puru, Gundam F91, Strike Freedom Gundam, Guncannon, Zeong, GM 2, Palace Athene, Jagd Doga Gyunei, GM, Nemo, MP Qubeley, Geara Doga
02 Leadership - Zaku 2 Char, Qubeley, NU Gundam, Infinite Justice Gundam, Musha Gundam Mk 2, Gelgoog Johnny, Byalant, Gouf, Gyan, GM, Command, Rick Dias, Barzam, MP Bawoo, Glemy, Jegan, Geara Doga Rezin
03 Heat Up - Gundam Z, Gundam, Gundam MK 2 Titans, Qubeley, Sazabi, V2 Gundam, Infinite Justice Gundam, Hambrabi, Palace Athene, Gelgoog, Geara Doga
04 Spirit Surge - Gelgoog Char, Gundam MK 2 Titans, Master Gundam, Gundam Epyon, Bolinoak Sammahn, Gottrlatan, Ball, Z`Gok, Gouf Flight Type, Hizack
05 Sky Eye - Gundam, Gundam MK 2 Titans, The O, Sazabi, Wing Gundam Zero, Strike Freedom Gundam, Byalant, Turn X, GM Command, MP Bawoo Glemy
06 Small Giant - Guncannon, Re-GZ, GM, Ball, Z`Gok, GM Command, Gouf Flight Type, GM 2, MP Bawoo Glemy, MP Bawoo Axis, Jegan
07 Hate to Lose - Gundam MK 2, Hyaku Shiki, Qubeley MK 2 Puru 2, NU Gundam, Strike Freedom Gundam, Byalant, Bawoo, Jagd Doga, Gyunei, Hizack, Marasai, Gaza D
08 High Magnetism - Gelgoog, Char, The O, Qubeley MK 2 Puru, Gundam Epyon, Musha Gundam, Baund Doc, Gottrlatan
09 Barrage Shot - Z Gundam, Hyaku Shiki, Qubeley, Zeong, Bawoo, Gaza D
10 Shock Wave - Z Gundam, The O, Qubeley MK 2 Puru 2, Burning Gundam, Destiny Gundam, Z`Gok Char, Baund Doc, Jagd Doga Quess, Turn X, Dom, Gelgoog, Zaku Tank, Marasai, MP Bawoo Axis, Gaza D
11 Pilot Sense - ZZ Gundam, Gundam F91, Burning Gundam, Gelgoog Johnny, Re-GZ, GM, Zaku 2, Zaku Tank, Gouf Flight Type, Nemo, Rick Dias, Barzam, Gaza C, MP Bawoo Axis, Geara Doga
12 Range Enhance - Zaku 2 Char, NU Gundam, Master Gundam, Gundam Epyon, Destiny Gundam, Musha Gundam, Z`Gok Char, Ball, Dom, Marasai
13 Parry - Gundam MK 2, Sasabi, V2 Gundam, Wing Gundam Zero, Turn A Gundam, Musha Gundam, Hambrabi, Re-GZ, Zaku 2, Gaza C,
14 Customize - Gundam MK 2, V2 Gundam, Infinite Justice Gundam, Bolinoak Sammahn, Jagd Doga, Gyunei, Gottrlatan, Gelgoog, GM 2, Hizack, Jegan
15 Ace Killer - Qubeley, Bawoo, Re-GZ, Dom, Z`Gok, Gouf Flight Type, GM 2, Hizack, Marasai, MP Qubeley
16 KO - Gelgoog Char, Turn A Gundam, Hambrabi, Baund Doc Z`Gok Geara Doga Rezin
17 Impulse - Zeong, Gottrlatan, Turn X, GM, Nemo, Gaza D
18 Damage Cancel - Hambrabi, Palace Athene, Gouf, Rick Dias, MP Bawoo Axis, Geara Doga Rezin
19 Fighting instinct - Zaku 2 Char, Gundam Epyon, Baund Doc, Bolinoak Sammahn, Gelgoog, MP Bawoo Glemy
20 Charisma - Z`Gok Char, Gelgoog Johnny, Gyan, Barzam, Jegan, Geara Doga
21 Instant Hero - Guncannon, Byalant, Jagd Doga, Gyunei, Zaku 2, GM Command, Gaza C
22 Hight Tension - Gundam MK 2, Qubeley MK 2 Puru 2, NU Gundam, Wing Gundam Zero
23 Temptation - Qubeley MK 2 Puru 2, Palace Athene, Jagd Doga Quess, MP Qubeley
24 Begginer`s Faux Pas - Zaku 2 Char, Destiny Gundam, Bawoo, Jagd Doga Quess, Barzam
25 Ace Pilot - Gelgoog Char, The O, V2 Gundam, Strike Freedom Gundam
26 Overdrive - Hyaku Shiki, Gundam MK 2 Titans, Turn A Gundam, Infinite Justice Gundam
27 Serene Mind - Burning Gundam, Musha Gundam Mk 2
28 Jamming - Gundam F91, Musha Gundam Mk 2, Zeong, Bolinoak Sammahn, Gyan, MP Qubeley
29 Whorthy Opponent - ZZ Gundam, Wing Gundam Zero, Musha Gundam Mk 2, Gelgoog Johnny, Gouf, Gaza C, Geara Doga Rezin
30 Selft Suggestion - Qubeley MK 2 Puru, Guncannon, Gouf, Gyan
31 One Man Army - Qubeley MK 2 Puru, Sazabi, Gundam F91, Destiny Gundam
32 School Master Asia - Burning Gundam, Master Gundam, Z`Gok Char, Zaku Tank, Rick Dias
33 Moonrace - Turn A Gundam, Turn X, Zaku 2, Dom, Nemo
34 Fortune - ZZ Gundam, Jagd Doga Quess, Ball, Zaku Tank
35 Head Shot - Gundam Z, Gundam
36 DG Cells - Master Gundam, Musha Gundam

some credit to Qtiyddj on gamespot forums, but I did all the formatting >_<
TatamiGeishathis is just a list of skills . HOW do you unlock the skills?
Posted by TatamiGeisha on 20 Apr 11 at 10:22
rastal66when you are flying the appropriate gundam, upon mission completion you have a % chance to learn the skills tied to that gundam. the higher level your pilot the better the chance that you learn the skill. so, ideally you'd pick the gundam you need a skill from and then spam a really short mission like the gundam fights over and over until it unlocked.
Posted by rastal66 on 03 May 11 at 04:26
hawk synJust asking but does the "Fortune" skill increase the %?
Posted by hawk syn on 24 Mar 13 at 20:02